Oh, Hey, a “Hate Mail” Review!

It’s over at SFSite, and it’s positive. Nice to see it getting some love; the non-fiction stuff doesn’t get reviewed as often as the fiction stuff does. I suppose that’s only natural.

Subterranean Press tells me there’s still some copies of Hate Mail left (remember, it’s a signed, limited edition — we made about 1,000 of them), so you can still pick it up through the SubPress site (in which case you’ll get an exclusive chapbook thrown in), or through Amazon (cheaper, no chapbook).

Also remember if you want any other book signed and personalized for the holidays, I’ve set up a way for you to do that, too. I’ll probably give this particular bit of information its own sidebar section, so I don’t have to note it over and over. But, well. Haven’t done that yet. So here you are.

8 Comments on “Oh, Hey, a “Hate Mail” Review!”

  1. I just had the mail from SFSite – looked at this book review – came here and found the author doing the same thing! Spooky.
    And me all the way away in the little old UK.

    I have your books on my shelf waiting to be read by the way – looking forward to them.

  2. In honor, I presume, of this entry, a friend pointed me to your earlier “Hate Mail Will be Graded” post from 2005. Sad to say, it will be graded:

    As a former Latin teacher of course I appreciate your sticking up for the virtues of my language, but -philiac is Greek. So, for that matter, are all the elements of the word “Homonecropetapyrobestiphiliac” (and -phage too), with the exception of -besti-. It’s the strange consonant clusters that are the dead, so to speak giveaway; Latin would give a smoother, more erudite, brilliantly condescending tone. (English, indeed, cannot begin to match Latin for precision and detail in its obscene vocabulary, a fact of which I hope my former students are subtly aware.)

  3. Say, are you going to have books for sale at LosCon, or should I pick one up beforehand if I want it signed?

    (Everything of yours I have at the moment is electronic. I suppose I could have you sign my Kindle… Actually that’s not a band idea… You could collect signatures on one like a teenager’s cast…)

  4. #272 sits by my keyboard this moment, due to a moment of weakness at Dark Carnival, curse them for having so many fabulous book. It is a veritable compendium of snark. Deeply inspiring.

  5. This reminds me to wonder when their Hughart editions will be shipped. Those were promised for October, weren’t they?

    Oh wait, I could ask them, couldn’t I? Nevermind.

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