Me Not Here Online

Want me in someplace not here? Today, you have two options:

1. There’s a brief interview with me at Barnes & Noble’s Book Club area, discussing Agent to the Stars. Go here and scroll down to the ninth message and you’ll find me.

2. Time Traveler has audio of me and Jeff deLuzio talking on the topic of “Has Science Fiction Lost Its Mainstream Cultural Relevance?” from this year’s PenguiCon convention (my answer: It’s a bogus question).

Enjoy each of these as you would a fine cognac.

9 Comments on “Me Not Here Online”

  1. Have you ever been asked a more off-the-wall question than “Have you ever contemplated releasing Agent to the Stars in a scratch-n-sniff edition?”

  2. I wish I got a picture, but I ran into a copy of “Agent to the Stars” in someone else’s hand at the Voyager Restaraunt at Mojave Spaceport on Saturday. Someone else who works for one of the rocket companies out there.

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