Been a While Since I Put in a Sunset, So:

There you go. Enjoy.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

17 replies on “Been a While Since I Put in a Sunset, So:”

Yep, Matty, there is a UFO up there, near the middle of the picture, just above the horizon.

Now we know where Scalzi gets his “inspiration” for his “stories.” And it’s straight out of of “Mars Attacks.”

We had something like that here in LA this weekend… With all the smoke from the fires, it was redder and more polluted…

John, Can you really trust the air if you can’t chew it? At least your daughter won’t be growing up with her mutant third lung that Southern California kids have to develop in this environment.

11 Patrick M. re: 3 months of no sun in Ohio. – Not yet, but almost.

True Story – a few years ago, a friend and I were travelling to visit other friends in Ann Arbor during the winter. It was a typical grey, cloudy day here in Ohio. No snow on the ground or in the air, but grey and cloudy. We crossed the Michigan state line into BRIGHT sunshine. (!) We made immediate jokes about ‘the big bright ball in the sky’. ;)

And yes, the reverse happened on the way home. We left the sunshine in Michigan when we crossed back into Ohio’s grey, cloudy skies.

Hmm, 3 months of not seeing the sun? Aww, how quaint!

I live in Vancouver. We don’t see the sun for 6 months. =)

Of course, after I moved here, I had a good laugh as I realized William Gibson’s inspiration for the first line of Neuromancer.

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