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What can you say? He's just a geek

Two bits of interest for the science fiction geek crowd:

* Wil Wheaton’s got himself a new gig as a columnist at LA Weekly, and that doesn’t suck. He’s writing, as far as I can tell, about basically whatever the hell we wants to, and that doesn’t suck, either. Go ahead and click through to his debut column, in which he talks about being a Los Angeleno, and be sure to leave a comment so his new bosses will be all impressed with how much traffic and conversation he brings in. Because — again — that wouldn’t suck.

* The fabulous Sarah Zettel writes to inform me of, a collaborative site filled with lots of fiction and other cool stuff, from a whole bunch of famous/interesting writers including Ursula Le Guin, Vonda McIntyre and Anne Harris:

While most of the fiction on the site is free, authors will also be offering expanded work, additional content, print versions, or subscriptions for a fee. Our authors are all professionals with publishing credits in the print world. The Internet is giving us an opportunity to make their out-of-print, experimental, or otherwise unavailable work to you. We love feedback on how we are doing.

Every day, new content available nowhere else will be served up on Book View Cafe: short stories, flash fiction, poetry, episodes of serialized novels, and maybe even a podcast now and then. The content will be archived and available after the posting date by visiting the author’s bookshelf.

It’s just starting out, so give it a try and then check back later as well. And let them know what you think.

14 Comments on “World Wide Wheaton; Book View Cafe”

  1. This probably means we’ll never see another of his ST:TNG reviews on TV Squad. Alas.

    I mean, yay. But, alas.

  2. Wussly Crusher was the worst thing to ever happen to Mr. Wheaton.

    Good for Wil that he’s picked up a writing gig.

  3. Are you saying it is easier to say “Wil” as opposed to “Will”?

    Sure. He’s not Welsh, after all.

  4. 1. Just be *very* glad that he didn’t go by “Trey”, as IIIs are wont to do.

    2. It seems that given that III in his name, it woulda been really cool if he’d gone by “Willl”.

    3. Wil is one of the Really Good Guys and L.A. Weekly is very fortunate to have him.

    Regards, Lee

  5. I’ll give him a lot of credit for using the freeway number rather than the name of the road. Only residents know the names. “What the hell is the Santa Monica,” the average out-of-towner says, when given directions. “Oh, the 10! Why didn’t you say so?”

  6. i think wil helped sarah with bookview cafe (unless it was you). bookview cafe totally rocks…the only problem is that there is way too much stuff to read out there already…i’ll never get any work done.

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