Status Stuff

A couple of things:

* This is my now obligatory “I’ve caught with all my e-mail for the last couple of weeks so if you sent me something and wanted a response but didn’t get one, send it again” notice.

* This next week is likely to see Whatever on an abbreviated schedule of some sort, on account that I have some work to catch up with, there’s a major holiday at some point in the week (I think near the end of it; I’ll have to double-check) and because at some point I am traveling to Los Angeles to do the Loscon thing. Which is to say, hey, I’ll be busy in the real world. I expect you might be too. But to help make up for it, I’m posting a Big Idea two-fer this Tuesday. Yes! Two Big Idea pieces for the price of one! And now you have a reason to live, at least through Tuesday.

Thank you for your attention. You are now free to go on with your lives.

6 Comments on “Status Stuff”

  1. Huh. So I open up my Baen’s Bar e-mail folder and I can’t even escape from John Scalzi there (just kidding).

    Anyway, for those who don’t get e-mail from Baen Books…via the Webscriptions service, you can now own a DRM-free, multi-format eBook version of “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” for a mere $6.00. And it even has a glorious (shudder) rendition of that cover!

    Hoping (since this is part of Baen’s expanding plans to act as a distributor of other publishers eBooks) that the other Scalzi collection will join the lineup.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m off to Baen’s to grab a book! I’ve spent far tooo much money there but what’s a mere $6.00 more…

  3. Huh. Ask, and I receive. Guess what’s up on Baen’s Webscription service now?

    “You’re Not Fooling Anyone…”

    I had posted a message at Baen’s Bar asking if that one would be available and the next day…wow! What power I have!

    Maybe I should ask for Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigades, etc., etc., etc.!

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