And Just Where Have I Been All Day?

Well, here’s a two word hint for you:


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  1. Ah Helga. What a grand place. The marks she leaves never leave your body.

    Been 2 months since I visited one of her salon’s. Although I prefer it to not be Animal Style as my choice differs.

    Sadly she shall not install one of her Salon’s near me. I wish she would.

  2. Oh. And since I can guess (fairly badly) How is the Air? Crunchy??

    One reason I am glad to have left that location. I like my Air to be less gritty and more able to see through.

  3. “Animal Style?”

    Now, I am pretty sure THAT is as illegal in Ohio as it is in Wisconsin.

  4. 4×4, Meat and Cheese Only
    Animal Style Fries
    Neapolitan Shake (half chocolate half strawberry)

    …there’s advantages to living in SoCal :)

  5. “Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow
    zoo tomorrow zoo tomorrow
    Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow
    And we can stay all day!

    We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo
    How about you you you?
    You can come too too too
    We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo”

  6. Animal style fries too?

    (Michelle, I bet if you fed the blog Animal Style fries it would be nicer to you. Just saying. Or you could do a modern interpretation of the pygmy marmoset dance. That would solve most any problem.)

  7. Ha! My husband randomly yelled “John Scalzi, you bastard!” while I was feeding one of the kids.

    “What the hell are you talking about, honey?”
    “Two words: ANIMAL STYLE!”
    “Ooooh! That bastard! …now I’m hungry.”

  8. Dammit! Now I’m going to have cheese worm problems again.

    Tell me, John, what do you have against my moon farms?

  9. I now have visions of Scalzi grooming French poodles. These are things that shouldn’t get stuck in my brain.

    (better than the alternative interpretation, though)

  10. Let’s see…
    =Travel day in those cattle cars they call modern air transportation. Possibly coupled with yet another TSA body-cavity search?
    =Lecturing at the local 4-H club?
    =Taking the cats and a pound of bacon to the vet/groomer?
    =Unicorn bukkake?

    Oh well, I’m sure the answer will be revealed in the fullness of time.

  11. Dude – all day!?

    They are going to have to roll you out on stage for Super Happy Fun Time.

    Use your power wisely.

  12. Clueless. Evidently an In-n-Out burger. Not located in Ohio. Nor is it located in Florida (The new Whataburger opened up today near me, but I didn’t partake). Either you’re waiting to get to Loscon to get one, OR somebody shipped you one.

  13. Bryan @30: I’m fond of the A-1 Thick and Hearty Burger (note: “thick” refers to the A-1 sauce, not the burger itself) and it’s only on the menu for a limited time, so you’d better hurry.

    Andrew, native Texan and Whataburger junkie.

  14. Following up on my own comment: I thoroughly enjoyed being in Phoenix and Tucson last year, right where the penumbrae of Whataburger and In-N-Out meet. Good thing I was only there two days.

  15. Damn you John Scalzi. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m in my underwear in bed. Now I’m suddenly starving.

  16. I’m sure I’ll have another In’n’Out burger before the end of 2009. Or rather, I hope so.

    5000 miles of ocean is only far enough to keep me from In’n’Out for about 18-24 months at a stretch. Summer maybe, winter at the latest… I will go. And I will enjoy.

    Not to say I don’t like eating seaweed and fish every day, I really do… but that doesn’t make the missing go away.

    (Sure, I love my new wife and kids, but I do regret killing the last set…)

  17. I just moved to Chantilly, VA two weeks ago. Although I’m enjoying the local cuisine, particularly the Indian food, I miss In N Out. Five Guys is pretty danged good (we’re eating that for dinner tonight), but it’s not In N Out. Nor is it Fuddrucker’s.

    So, thank you for reminding me of what I cannot have John. As punishment you must eat a Double Double for me. Oh, and eat a carne asada burrito too. The Mexican fare out here is nowhere near as good as the comida in San Diego.

  18. In-N-Out is good. I STILL say the Apple Pan is better. (And it has more character, which in Los Angeles is hard to come by readily.)

    I would kill for an Apple Pan in Chicago. Kill. Seriously, if anybody wants anyone offed for a supply of their burgers, let me know. And fries.

  19. You, you bastard! Argh, it’s not time for lunch yet and I’m starving and I don’t get my #3 (grilled onions) with Dr. Pepper until this weekend. Ooohhh! An Ice storm upon your plane, in, in, in, Denver!


  20. There’s several Fudruckers in the area, Keri. Closest to you is probably the one in Herndon.

  21. S Belisle @8

    I’m not going to try to convince you that it’s better (about 50/50 with the LA transplants I’ve talked to responses varying from “slightly better” to “it doesn’t even come close”), but Burgerville goes for the same general feeling. Don’t know where in Oregon you are, but they’re all over.

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