At the moment I am writing this, there are exactly 120,000 comments on Whatever.

Quick! Be 120,001! Hurry!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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HA! I did it!

I’m a new fan and created at least two others after buying them Old Man’s War.

I intend on following your work, and so do they.

HA! I did it!

I’m a new fan and created at least two others after buying them Old Man’s War.

Crap. Looks like I didn’t do it. And I doubled up the posting, so now I look like a tool.


Sam @10: They _could have_, yes. But, according to the “blatherations of others” in the sidebar, they didn’t. (The most recent comment not on this thread was at 6:20, and John made the post at 6:32.)

And this is when you need to re-order them without changing them and sell it in a book. I’m sure they can all be strung together in a coherent fashion to explain the meaning of life.

The stylish thing, of course, would be to have made a substantive comment on another post, which would have both counted as the 120001st comment and rendered the first-posters here inconsequential and petty. Seems there was a six-minute gap in which to do it.

Geez. You would think somebody would have honored Scalzi and Whatever by using the momentous milestone occasion of posting the 120,001st comment by posting the cure for cancer, or announcing first contact with an extraterrestrial species, or with a mathematical formula pointing to a cheap, new and boundless pollution-free source of usable energy. Or, if not that, then at least a graceful sonnet or maybe a link to a beautiful painting in Scalzi’s honor or a YouTube video of a moving inspirational dance performed to a symphonic piece written and worked up in honor of this blog. But no, instead it’s just a lot of scrambling up top to pile into the slot and shout the equivalent of “woo-hoo!”

As if Scalzi’s blog doesn’t even rate a dirty limerick or cute online haiku in honor of the 120,000 previous comments. Not even something along the lines of:

autumn’s trees are bare;
one-hundred twenty thousand
comments precede me

Underachievers. That’s what we have here. We should all be ashamed of how we’ve failed John here today.

Yes DG Lewis,

I remember well the drawing on the cave wall of the cured Mastodon meat adhering to the sabre-toothed tiger. I still have my comment tablet from that. It says, “Uaiuohueom, rrrrrrrrr!”

Good times, good times.

Dude. That’s a lot of comments. Congrats!

Also, since I’ll be AFK for a couple of days doing the family tour thing, Happy Thanksgiving to you John and fam, and to the rest of my fellow Whateverians (whatevers? whateverites?).

Good point, JustAnotherJohn. I, too will be afk for extended periods this weekend, and I wish to express my thanks to Mr. Scalzi for his many years of hard work and all of the visitors who keep the site interesting. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

/ Whateverers?

I think that Whatever should be made into a multi-movie epic, like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

The movie for this thread could be called 400 x 300 (giving 120,000). Sample Dialogue: “Madness? This is SCAAALZI!!!”

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