Daily Archives: November 26, 2008

Netbooks and Google Docs

I’ve gotten a couple of questions in the last couple of days of how I’m liking my netbook and whether I am, as I suggested I would, using Google Docs as my primary word processing program. Rather than giving them each their own entry, let me bundle them up here. The netbook: So far, I […]

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In Which I Reveal a Terrifying Secret

I actually prefer the taste of Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke. Of course, I prefer Coke Zero to either, but at the moment I’m at a hotel which does not include that particular beverage among its offerings (at least not in the concierge lounge, where such carbonated beverages are provided at will — I do […]

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The Horror, The Horror

Apparently a large chunk of LA’s power grid went down last night (because it rained), and the internet connectivity in my hotel is down. So I’m in the lobby of the hotel right across the street, sucking down their free lobby wifi instead. Here’s a thought — when hotels right next door have reconnected to […]

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