So, I casually mentioned yesterday that the hotel LosCon is at doesn’t stock Coke Zero. In response, the LosCon convention runners have presented me with three twelve packs and 4 20-ounce bottles. Because they rock. This is going to be a fun convention. Or at least a heavily caffeinated one.

That said, I can’t help but notice that the hotel LosCon is at has a dearth of Ford Mustang V8s…

(Walks off, whistling)

Give Toby Some Love (and Sales)

Toby Buckell, who was recently in the hospital for heart related problems, is now back in the hospital, this time for a pulmonary embolism. Which sucks.

You know what would make him feel better? Besides not having a pulmonary embolism? You picking up his latest book, The Cole Protocol, which came out on Tuesday. Heck, buy two, they’re small.

Also drop by that link and let him know he’s in your thoughts. That would be nice, too.

A Well-Timed Class Exercise For Y’all

Because on Thanksgiving, I find it is useful to reflect on such things, you see:

What are you thankful for, this year?

A Science Fictional Thanksgiving

Yes, even on Thanksgiving Day, I have a column up on AMC — and this one, appropriately enough, is about the things I’m thankful for when it comes to science fiction movies. And yes, Darth Vader is one of those things. How could he not be? Go over and see what else I’m thankful for, and feel free to leave a comment about the things about SF that make you say “thanks,” too.