Give Toby Some Love (and Sales)

Toby Buckell, who was recently in the hospital for heart related problems, is now back in the hospital, this time for a pulmonary embolism. Which sucks.

You know what would make him feel better? Besides not having a pulmonary embolism? You picking up his latest book, The Cole Protocol, which came out on Tuesday. Heck, buy two, they’re small.

Also drop by that link and let him know he’s in your thoughts. That would be nice, too.

14 Comments on “Give Toby Some Love (and Sales)”

  1. Woah, I’d say he is damned lucky (I mean as lucky as you can be when you have a pulmonary embolism. Which is very suckily unlucky.) You can die from those incredibly fast and many people go undiagnosed until to late. If he is able to type out a post, I’m feeling hopeful that things will turn out well.

    I enjoyed his contribution to Metatropolis, as well.

  2. I fell a little better about not buying a book based on a video game since I did buy and enjoy Metatropolis.

  3. Cool – as a Halo player, I read and enjoy the books anyway, as a well-put-together tie-in. Now I can get the recent one, and feel smugly charitable about doing so! Everyone wins!


  4. I have no interest in the Halo series BUT since Tobias wrote it, I am buyin’ it. I loved his other 3 books and expect this to be great also (the major chains should carry this one unlike his Sly Mongoose – shame on you). He is on my automatic buy list, along with Scalzi.

  5. I’d love to support Toby, but I don’t really do Halo or tie-in novels in general. (Not that there aren’t necessarily good ones out there, but they’re harder to find, and often harder to relate to if you don’t know the property.) Is there something of his I could buy that’s /not/ a tie-in novel?

    Put another way — I haven’t read anything by him; what’s he written that’s good? If the answer is Halo media tie-in novels, then maybe I’ll have to reconsider not reading them.

  6. Kevin @8: He’s written three non-tie-in novels: Crystal Rain (currently paperback), Ragamuffin (also paperback) and Sly Mongoose (hardcover). Of course, you could still order the first two in hardcover.

    As for me, I picked it up, tie-in or no, because he wrote it. And I dropped a get well at his site.

    Hmmm…if Slashdot or BoingBoing picks up on this, maybe we can make “Cole Effect” #1 in Amazon overall.

  7. Just bought Toby’s book (audio) Sly Mongoose from Going to give it a listen and hope that the royalites help him on his road to recovery. How does that work for most authors and are there places we should frequent to help you guys get more from your labors?

  8. Matter of fact, I grabbed a copy of this a day or two ago at our local Barnes & Noble to give to my son for Xmas (yeah, Dad will want to borrow it, too ;)

    As a longtime Bungie fan (since the days of Marathon on the Mac) I’m looking forward to seeing how he handles the Halo universe.

  9. I saw Toby’s Halo book at WalMart and Meijer’s this weekend, so you don’t even have to go to an actual bookstore to buy the book! How cool is that!!!

    Kevin – I will also echo what Fred wrote – Toby’s books are an action-packed *FUN* reading experience. Check him out!

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