So, I casually mentioned yesterday that the hotel LosCon is at doesn’t stock Coke Zero. In response, the LosCon convention runners have presented me with three twelve packs and 4 20-ounce bottles. Because they rock. This is going to be a fun convention. Or at least a heavily caffeinated one.

That said, I can’t help but notice that the hotel LosCon is at has a dearth of Ford Mustang V8s…

(Walks off, whistling)

24 Comments on “LosCon=Awesome”

  1. Que the cases of V8 juice!

    Heh. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Here’s celebrating the coolness of the LosConites–kudos for treating our favorite author right. We’ll make it up to you somehow.

    Glad to hear it’s fun, John. Wish I was there.

  2. I so totally wish I could have attended LosCon, but my travel budget is rather skinny these days. I’m saving up for a trip to SC next Autumn. Gotta love it when your wishes are answered by convention runners! Indeed, John Scalzi, you are SOMEONE IMPORTANT!

  3. Maybe it’s the copious amounts of wine, but I LOLed. Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving.

  4. @7: He is at a con. He is surrounded by some thousands of posse members. Some of them just delivered his Coke.

  5. “…..with great power comes great responsibility.” Or was it Power corrupts and Absolute power….Yeah, that’s the one….;)

  6. At our Thanksgiving celebration this evening, I mentioned my enjoyment of Coke Zero, and my niece told me, “You should try Coke Cherry Zero, it’s good.” I’m drinking one now, and she was right. Smart girl; no wonder she’s going to Vassar.

  7. Tom @14:

    Smart niece. I don’t drink Diet Pepsi. I do, however, consume mass quantities of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi. Don’t like the regular Cherry Coke, but don’t think I have seen Cherry Coke Zero.

  8. I find that photograph frankly terrifing. One part cheeky kid in “I’ve Got a Seeeekrit!” mode, one part mad scientist about to command Igor to throw the switch.

    Coke Zero’s powers are beyond the ken of mortal man, it seems.

  9. Power corrupts…but absolute power is pretty awesome.

    When I grow up, I want my own legion of minions, too.

  10. What, you have somewhere you need to get to in style, that doesn’t require going around a corner at all?

  11. Miko @18 and Rick @21: Stop dissin’ my car.

    It doesn’t deal with bumpy back country roads all that well, no, but they’re not that fun to drive anyways (and I’ve driven Sawyers Bar Road in northern CA, so I know my back roads…).

    Non-bumpy back country roads are fine.

    And it has that funny little rear end skid into spin on wet or otherwise slippery road tendency, or if you floor it in a turn, sure, but it’s just like driving a bigger Kart. A bigger, 3,600 or so pound Kart…

    Once you’re comfortable with driving sideways, it’s not so bad at all. You just have to get used to knowing when you might be close, and good at detecting that the rear’s gone out on you, and not drive in a way that if that happens you’re going to hit someone or be hit by someone.

    Good car to get a teenager in trouble in a hurry, sure, but I’ve been driving for a lot longer.

  12. Probably to late to ask now, were any of those V8 Mustangs a Shelby GT500? That’s the V8 Mustang.


  13. By 8 PM on Friday, word had spread enough that I think every Loscon party I attended had Coke Zero stocked. I didn’t find out why until Saturday; as a result, I was a little confusned when that was the only cola-type mixer available in the Fanzine Lounge After Dark. After exhaustive research, we can report that Coke Zero mixes reasonably well with coconut rum, vodka, vodka and lime, coconut rum and lime, and domestic whiskey. It does NOT mix well with peach brandy, cheap tequila, more expensive tequila, gin, amaretto, or any bacon-based spirits.

    Just savin’ you the trouble.

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