Off to Work

LosCon is about to start, so now posting will be even more sporadic than it was earlier this week. But, you know. You could always come here and catch the live show.

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  1. And it had better be an Animal Style pot pie, or someone’s getting a Meat Wedgie.

    I’m so using that phrase next time I’ve got an interview. Any interview.

  2. You could always come here and catch the live show.

    Are you going to pay for flight tickets and accommodations? You’d become my favorite writer EVER.

  3. If I had the money for tickets from PIT – LAX, I would have considered it. Besides you and Wil who are the best reasons, there are quite a few other special guests that I’d also like the chance to see. Alas, I have these pesky things called creditors and a daughter in college. I guess my priorities just aren’t in the right place.

  4. I was honored to be able to introduce my son to John Scalzi at the Loscon Icecream (including fresh pomegranite icecream made before our eyes with liquid nitrogen) Social last night. My taller and smarter (than I) son meets a better fiction writer than I. Nice to be the least and third wheel now and then.

    “Love your blog,” said my son, which I think is within proper protocol. There were folks who’d never met me face-to-face who recognized me (looking from Badge to face) from Whatever, and from Charles Stross’s blog (he said, drawing a Venn diagram in his head).

    My son had missed the chance to meet Mr. Scalzi at the most recent L.A. Worldcon, but adored “Old Man’s War” and sequelae, as a good Heinlein fan open to new writers should be. My son being, also, a professional science fiction and poetry and science author by the age of 14.

    John Scalzi seemed to be the idea Guest of Honor. Patient, outgoing, inquisitive, thoughtful, funny, engaging, and generally confirming a smart pick by the LASFS constituence running Loscon. Next year’s (LOSCON 36) writer GOH is Steve Barnes.

    John was a collegial representative of a Pro constituency which included the Turtledoves, Karen Anderson, and many others (see the LOSCON web site).

    There were nonstop evening parties, certainly going strong when I had my son drive me home (I’m not a good driver after sufficient single malt Scotch) after midnight. These included parties thrown by Arizona cons, Anime Los Angeles, Baycon, OASIS (the local chapter of the National Space Society), Reno in 2011, Chili (in the Presidential Suite), Cloned party, Confirmation (the 2010 Westercon writer GOH is Rudy Rucker, Sime-Gen, and the Fanzine Lounge After Hours.

    It was very well worth the cost of registration ($10 each for the evening parties only), and discounted ($8.80) parking, and still a great deal for anyone who can get the the LAX vicinity for the rest of ther weekend, as apogee is yet to come.

  5. I was at a Millenicon this year when Steven Barnes was Guest of Honor and he was intelligent, informative, entertaining and accessible.

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