The Obligatory Black Friday Commerce Message, or A Reminder About Getting Signed Books

Remember, folks, a signed, personalized book from John Scalzi is just the thing to bring happiness to all the people on whom you wish to spend money this holiday season. I mean, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s how to get them. Ordering early (like, now) will make sure your signed books arrive to the right people on time. So don’t wait! Spend mad amounts of money! NOW!

We return now to our regularly scheduled programming.

7 Comments on “The Obligatory Black Friday Commerce Message, or A Reminder About Getting Signed Books”

  1. Autographed books? I’ve been given a few — mostly by friends who were Really Proud of their First Published Work — and acquired a few more — mostly from authors who looked so lonely sitting there waiting for attention (or, wistfully, for praise) — but on the whole I figure that good books already contain all the words they really need.

    (Mind you, I intend to pop over to LosCon Saturday and check the Huxter Room for any Scalzi titles I don’t already have, but autographs play almost no part in this.)

  2. Apropo to nothing in this post, the wife and I are heading over to Jay and Mary’s Book Center today (from Columbus) to check it out.
    We prefer supporting independent book stores. And according to their website there is a Chocolate and Coffee establishment next door.
    Can’t get better the books, coffee, and chocolate. :>

  3. If you inadvertently neglect to send it back in time for Christmas do we get mentioned in the Acknowledgments of your next book, as happened to somebody in The Ghost Brigades?

    Yes, I’m assiduous; I read those too.

  4. I just got a signed book… but not yours, sorry! It’s the trade edition of Barry Hughart’s Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox from Subterranean Press.

  5. I just ordered mine from Jay and Mary today. Bought Zoe’s Tale for my 8 month old daughter for Christmas. Figured I’d start her off right! (along with a host of other fondly remembered tales of my youth…but this is her first autographed edition). Of course I will be forced to read it to her….thus sharing the enjoyment myself!

    Thanks John (and Jay and Mary) for setting this up.

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