In Case You Were Wondering if That In-N-Out Caddy Thing is Real

I mentioned that LosCon was committed to providing me In-N-Out Double-Doubles on demand, and look! Here’s the nerve center of the “Feed John Scalzi Tasty Burgers” effort. And look! There’s me with a Double-Double! It works! Bwa ha ha hah ha! Life is good.

Having a fine time at LosCon so far, as you can see. Hope your weekend is similarly good.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Suter)

32 Comments on “In Case You Were Wondering if That In-N-Out Caddy Thing is Real”

  1. I’m playing a round of Duct Tape Hero (Home Repair Edition). So, yeah, less glamour, and no personal In-N-Out caddy squad.

    There’s eggnog and rum, though, so not all is gloom. Good to see you’re having a good time on the Left Coast.

  2. OK, gonna confess some regional ignorance here because I’ve never lived in a city that had this chain. Are these In N Out things anything like White Castle sliders? i.e., you eat them by the sackful?

  3. Well, they’re not like sliders in that they actually taste good. Also, not small.

    Also, I have never wanted to write Sci Fi so much in my life. Green women, here I come! Now fetch me a burger and some light fries.

  4. You know, if I had a staff whose specific job it was to get me X whenever I wanted it, X would be something more exciting than hamburgers.

  5. You can’t fool me — that’s just a paper bag.

    At least the bottle of Coke Zero was clear and there was something inside.

    Dr. Phil

  6. I couldn’t help but notice that those delivery areas seem to be in hundreds of miles. How do they keep ’em warm.

    And Nora @ 5, you’re letting yourself in for such a smacking with that comparison. I’d duck if I were you.

  7. No, they’re not hundreds of miles away, there are decimal points there. The furthest one is just over four miles away, the nearest less than one mile (but, being right next to the airport, is always really crowded, even moreso than the average In-N-Out).

    Google map:

  8. dude, i hate to tell you this, but you’re starting to get Animal Style jowls… eat some fiber too, eh?

  9. Spent the day pulling a starter from a ’97 E-350 only to find out it was a bad battery connection. Needs me a Double-Double!!!

  10. Being from Michigan, where we are lucky enough to have a Tim Horton’s on every corner, every time Scalzi mentions a double double, I think of coffee with double cream, double sugar.

    I too share his love of the “double double”, but we’re not talking about the same thing. :P

  11. In-N-Out… even the name is brimming with innuendo.

    And don’t even get me started on ‘animal style’…

  12. Jeff @ #11 and Nathan @ #13 — thanks for the warning! I should say I’ve never had White Castle either; I’ve read a few too many books on the evils of feedlot beef and fast food. Was just seeking a familiar reference for comparison.

    ::Lols at the “not hamburgers”::

  13. Ah, so that’s where the airport-area ones are.
    (I don’t spend enough time in that part of town to know. I can find several in the San Fernando valley, though, and one even has a view.)

  14. that is BEAUTIFUL.

    I wasn’t questioning whether I wanted to be a writer, but now I REALLY don’t.
    at least, if it means that I get my own personal person to deliver me In-N-Out.
    and I’m guessing you don’t even have to pay for it!

    oh man.

  15. In regards to the competition given by White Castle (and by extension Krystal) burgers: I am happy to give you the burgers although I have never tasted an In and Out burger, but I have just one question for you, Mr. famous and burger filled writer. What about the fries? I love WC and Krystal fries.

  16. Hey, I had In-N-Out for dinner tonight too! It wasn’t a double double, though other members of my party did consume them.
    Just so yummy and delicious.

  17. Sigh…I live in that wasteland where
    A) There is no White Castle
    B) There is no Whataburger
    C) There is no In-N-Out
    D) Not even a Jack-in-the-Box, for those who go for that…

    We don’t really have a good slider place in the Mid-South. OK, technically we have Krystals, but contrary to what some may think, Krystals != White Castle by ANY stretch of the imagination. I’ve grown up with Krystals – been around them for 40 years now. When I had my first WC, I realized that not only were Krystals ripping WC off, they were doing it very, very badly.

  18. Another Steve:

    They make the fries on the spot, from actual potatoes. Personally, I don’t care for them- too greasy. To me, the real glory of IN-N-Out is in the grilled onions.

  19. I’ve never made it to the fabulous land of the In-N-Out, but as far as chain burger places go, Five Brother’s definitely belongs in the discussion.

  20. In-N-Out is very good, but the best burgers are at Big Nick’s, on 77th and Broadway. In New York. (Sorry… reading the White Castle thread linked to in this thread caused my burger-snobbishness to break out!)

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