Two Photos of Interest from LosCon

Both once again courtesy of Tom Suter:

Look! It’s Bacon Cat! In anthropomorphic form! You can’t see it well here, but this young lady’s nametag actually says “Fluffy.” I was deepy amused.

And here is Wil Wheaton and me, posing with the infamous “Velvet Wesley,” which as you’ll recall I had commissioned. It was quite literally the centerpiece of our Wil & Scalzi Happy Fun Time Hour, which, I assure you, you are very sad to have missed.

Yes, we are having fun at LosCon. Why do you ask?

Also: When I get back to Ohio, I’m going on a friggin’ diet, because this middle aged pear-shape crap has got to stop. That said, I have at least two more Double-Doubles to get through before that happens. But after that comes the diet. I swear.