Twitter Cat is Twittering

Apparently Ghlaghghee’s been busy while I was away. And has learned how to type. And write in English. And so on. And yes, that’s the actual Ghlaghghee, turning away from the incriminating computer screen. Now I know why she’s currently lying on my desk; she’s just waiting for me to get up.

Context For the Contextually Desirious

Since lots of people are asking about where today’s Whatever subhead comes from:

Neil Finn, eminently quotable.

A Little Buggy

At the moment that Whatever looks three different ways, depending on which browser I’m using, so if the site’s main page looks a little wonky to you at the moment (particularly if you’re using Firefox), I’m aware of it and looking into it. On the other hand, if it looks fine, then, well, never mind.

Quick Whateveresque Note

I’ll be opening up Whateveresque registration tomorrow — on the first I was traveling and today I’ve got lots of other things to do. So those of you itchin’ to sign up, be there then.

First Shot

The first picture I’ve taken with my brand spankin’ new Blackberry Storm, which arrived while I was in California. Please note this is not my house, which thankfully was still standing after a week of our absence. This was on the road to Greenville, where I was going to pick up Kodi, who was being boarded at a kennel. It’s not a bad shot from a cell phone, I would say.

Some folks here have been clamoring for my thoughts on the Storm. Well, I’ve been playing with it for only a couple of hours, so I can’t say all that much about it yet. My initial impressions are that it’s fairly nifty, but also that you can tell the software for it isn’t fully baked yet; the auto-reframing from portrait to landscape mode is clearly laggy. But the e-mail is very nicely integrated and the camera is nice, and the network seems fast. Also, phone itself is pretty good. Which is, you know, why I have the thing in the first place. So, overall, I’m happy with it so far. I’ll be happier when they update the software. I’ll probably have more to say about it later, I’m sure.

And now, off to catch up on everything.