Context For the Contextually Desirious

Since lots of people are asking about where today’s Whatever subhead comes from:

[imeem music=”5hwCOTpw1U”]

Neil Finn, eminently quotable.

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  1. With all the membership fee’s I pay to have access this site is it too much to expect that the subhead be a clickable link that would take me to an explanation or source of the subhead?

    I have my paid up membership card right here…….


    Never mind.

  2. Great song, what a wonderful, evocative voice. His brother Tim’s voice and singing send me out of the room!


  3. One of New Zealand’s better exports!

    (I went to college with Tim – great guys)


  4. It’s ironic, that you posted a song by Crowded House, yet the music player is hawking Britney Spears’ new CD. Ick.

  5. I’m not seeing that ad myself, probably because I’m an Imeem member. But if hawking the Britney CD means I get to play you Crowded House without the RIAA stomping down my door, I figure that’s a fair trade.

  6. Aaahhh, Crowded House, the Finn brothers are just brilliant.

    Since this is about the subhead, can I diverge a bit and ask about the banner? At first glance it reminded me of particle tracks in a cloud chamber, then pictures of diatoms, or snowflakes. Now I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing.
    Thanks all over the place.

  7. MY favourite Finn Lyric is from their early Spitz Enz days from their song “Shark Attack”

    “I’m an amputee, I’m lost at sea.”


  8. *agrees with Jeff S* Saw them numerous times and actually hung out with them quite a lot back in the late 80’s.

    @Dave Moore “and there was slaughter in the water when I saw her” ^__^

    Also, is still sad for the loss of Paul Hester. T__T;

  9. I had been wondering if our host, with his Finn fascination, was familiar with their earlier band Split Enz. For example:

    (Hoping this works – first time inserting a link and I’ve just noticed the Preview button has gone walkies.)

    Yes, that is Tim Finn on lead vocals. Neil is in the red jacket with white polka dots.

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