Mother & Daughter

My two favorite people:

Photos by Doselle Young, via that handy-dandy iPhone thingie.

18 Comments on “Mother & Daughter”

  1. Love the pix! Hehe is that what they did, just kind of hung out all day whilst you were out being on panels and such?

  2. Can’t explain it, then. They’re showing up fine on this end. It might be that you have your browser set not to show data that’s embedded/hosted on a site other than the one you’re looking at.

  3. You should never go into a casino or other gambling establishment because you have clearly used your lifetime allotment of good fortune in your personal relationships.

    But you knew that, dintya?

  4. To vaguely remember and paraphrase a blessing from Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds:

    May your daughters be few and beautiful, and your sons strong and ugly.

    You and your lovely bride are batting a thousand so far!

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