Zoe Buttons

Here’s a cool note from reader Dave Larkins, about the buttons you see on the young lady here:

My wife and I are big fans and are also collaborators with fashion designer Jay McCarroll (he won season one of the Bravo TV series Project Runway).  So, while thinking about a name for these somewhat alienish buttons, Zoe came to mind.  And there you have it!

Well, that’s pretty nifty, I think. Of course, Zoe’s a name that’s cropped up elsewhere in science fiction, so it’s not a bad name for science fictiony buttons in a general sense. But it’s nice my Zoe was the one they thought of.

So if you’re looking for groovy buttons with a tangential relationship to me, well, there you go. I like ’em.

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  1. Jay McCarroll is originally from a tiny town right near the tiny town I grew up in!!! Cool to see what he’s up to now!

  2. There’s also Zoe Carter of the Eureka tv series. I guess Zoe just sounds like a sci-fi name.

  3. Yeah, Zoe really does seem like a cool sci-fi’ish name for a girl. You done right by picking her as a pivotal character in your book(s), Scalzi!

    Speaking of Zoe’s Tale, I just finished reading Paul Witcover’s glowing review in last month’s issue of Locus Magazine. Wow. I mean, the book is in my “to-be-read” queue already . . . but this review makes me want to read it RIGHT NOW!

  4. My grandmother’s name is Elzora. Her nickname was Zoe. Her “grandmother name” was Zoemom. Not very science fictiony – maybe just ol’ fashioned Okie well, she did believe in science fiction – she didn’t believe in the moon landing. She was a quilter and button collector, so for me, Zoe Buttons is a great name for those cute buttons in Jay’s store.

  5. Hi

    Was fasinated to hear about Zoe buttons… I was named after Dr who’s Zoe – born the year Zoe was on the screen.

    Will now be looking up your work … love reading about other Zoe’s !

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