Daily Archives: December 4, 2008

Never Mind This Post

It’s just a test to see if I can write an entry from my phone. Just in case, you know, I HAD to. And the answer seems to be: apparently I can. Just very slowly. Go me. Also, to answer the question of how I’m doing with the BlackBerry storm: tolerably well, thanks. It does […]

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Ghlaghghee Fan Service

Here you go, folks: No need to thank me, I was just testing out the Storm’s ability to take pictures. And for those of you who prefer alternative animals, the following picture, which screams for a caption: Yes, these two lie together all the time. This wasn’t just a fluke.

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Suggest Some Books For the Holidays

Since I mentioned a couple of entries back that one way you can help the publishing industry pull out of its fiery death spiral is to actually, you know, buy some damn books, I think it’s appropriate at this point to open up a thread and let people suggest books they think people should consider […]

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Religion and Science Fiction Movies

My AMC column this week looks at how religion and spirituality is portrayed in science fiction film, because it was an interesting panel topic this last weekend at LosCon, and I thought you might like to play the home version as well. As always, comments are closed here but open over at AMC, so be […]

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Publishing Asks Why It Is In a Rapidly Descending Handbasket

Yesterday I received a few solicitous inquiries from friends and/or fans asking if Wednesday’s massive publishing industry torpedoing (chronicled here by Andrew Wheeler) had somehow sucked me into its briny wake. The answer, in brief, is no. I’m fine, my books under contract are fine, and while I’m as concerned as anyone would be about […]

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