Ghlaghghee Fan Service

Here you go, folks:

No need to thank me, I was just testing out the Storm’s ability to take pictures. And for those of you who prefer alternative animals, the following picture, which screams for a caption:

Yes, these two lie together all the time. This wasn’t just a fluke.

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  1. I think Kodi IS a bear.

    Does Ghlaghghee always look pensive? Or just when you’re taking pics? Thank you for the pictures!

  2. I think it’s more of a dialogue thing than a caption thing…cause I got this impression from it:

    Kodi: Hey…remember that time we pushed John down the stairs?

    Zeus: …Yeah…

    Kodi: (pauses) We should do it again.

    Zeus: You go ahead. I’ll just lay here and be in everyone’s way.

    (Kodi snickers and preps for the evil act).

  3. Caption Photo #2

    (Kodi) What the hell does he do down there?
    (Zeus) I don’t know but he is down there all the time.
    (Kodi) Why don’t you go down there and check.
    (Zeus) Not me! Why don’t YOU go down there and check.
    (Kodi) No way. Nothing ever comes back from down there but HIM!
    (Zeus & Kodi) Lets get Ghlaghghee to do it, she will do anything!

    Then you post the Ghlaghghee picture.

    Caption Photo #1

    (Kodi) Ghlaghghee has not said anything since she went down there. Has she said anything to you?
    (Zeus) Nope. She doesn’t move from that spot. I wonder what she saw…..

  4. Kodi: Hey, you think he’s gonna get back up again?
    Zeus: I hope not. My ribs can’t take anymore laughing.

  5. Reverse the order of the pictures and…

    Kodi: Did you ever notice if you put your paws over the edge, they stay nice and warm in the draft from downstairs? It’s nice on these snowy Ohio days.

    Zeus: Not only that, if you stick your nose over, you get really interesting smells when he’s down there. I wonder what that is?

    Ghlaghghee: And they wonder why I don’t join their conversations. Sheesh!

  6. Something is wrong w/ Chang.

    A post with a picture of his goddess Check!

    A post w/ a picture of the evil that is Kodi Check!

    And Chang did not mention Kodi?????

    Quick, someone look out the window and see if any pigs are flying!

  7. Kodi: What the heck is he pointing at us now?
    Zeus: Storm.
    Kodi: Whatziss?
    Zeus: Blackberry Storm. Like an iPhone. But Blackberry.
    Kodi: Jesus, does this guy never quit with the electronics?
    Zeus: Hey, did he ever … you know. Tape meat to you?
    Kodi: *shudders* Never.

  8. I would have guessed that Kodi and Temp Cat Zeus was a My Bodyguard relationship. New cat needs some protection.

  9. “Well, Ah’ll tell heem, but Ah don’ theenk he’ll be too keen. You see, we’ve already got one! (to Zeus) Ah told them we already got one!”

  10. Erm. “About damn time” ?? No waxing eloquence about Magnificent She? No criticisms or awardings to Her keeper? No official seal of disapproval for the inclusion of Anteater Thing?

    Is chang who is not chang ill? o.O

  11. Kodi: You think if we jumped from here we’d get him before he reached thethird stair?
    Zeus: Yeah, you could … but…
    Kodi: But what?
    Zeus: What would she say?
    Kodi: Oh. She does kinda like him, doesn’t she.

  12. Well I think we can tell where John’s central heating pipes run at any rate!

    I have actually managed to get to the point where I can control (to some extent) my 3 cats movements using the heating timer and thermostats……..

    (I suspect I might have trouble in summer, it’s much easier to do in winter)

    Now that we’re large and the puny-hu-mans are tiny and confined to their dollhouse, what do you think we should do with them?

    KODI: (ponders)
    Rrrrmm. I don’t have any really good ideas. What do you think we should do with ’em?

    Well, for starters, there’s a flitch of sliced bacon in the freezer and rolls of clear tape which are just begging to be put to good use…

    (Turns to GLARE DOWN into captivarium)

    Hey Mr. Opposable Thumbs! Guess whose bacon-wearing picture is gonna be on the internet this time tomorrow?

    — from The Incredible Shrinking Scalzi (also published as “A Funny Thing Happened When I Got Home from LosCON”)

  14. (Kodi) “Aw, man, looks like Arglebargle’s still moving.”
    (Zeus) “Next time, we need to push her harder.”

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