Never Mind This Post

It’s just a test to see if I can write an entry from my phone. Just in case, you know, I HAD to. And the answer seems to be: apparently I can. Just very slowly. Go me.

Also, to answer the question of how I’m doing with the BlackBerry storm: tolerably well, thanks. It does not fill me with the bitter hate it seems to engender in others; I suppose it helps that this is my first smartphone and I have either no basis for comparison or bad habits to break. Either way, it’s working fine for me. Suck it, David Pouge.

Okay, now let’s see if I can publish this sucker.

22 Comments on “Never Mind This Post”

  1. I’m still trying to convince myself that I need a Blackberry Storm.

    I’m currently at the argument: Well, you know, if I gave up pie for a month…

    It’s not going well.

  2. Still mostly happy with my Blackjack II and see no reason to switch… yet.
    I’m going to try the bacon weave rolls this weekend. Will update from the hospital.

  3. The Storm doesn’t have wi-fi does it? Or is that some other smartphone I’m thinking of. I really can’t understand that. 3g coverage just isn’t that wide even for Verizon is it?

    Or were you talking about typing speed? I’d never done any thumb typing, or had a smartphone, before I got my iPhone last so it definitely took some getting used to, but what everyone said about the iPhone auto-correction is true, after a while it gets really good and figuring out what you wanted to type and if you just let it go until the end and then correcting any errors after you’re done you spend much less total time.

    I don’t know if it will work that way on a Storm of course, but it might be worth a try.

  4. You damn kids and your internet phones! In my day, all we had was Bluetooth and we were happy with it!

  5. I still find that all phones are most useful as phones. Even doing email on them is sketchy, but that might be because I am long winded.

  6. Still managing to stay cell/PDA free here. I find that 3 or 4 small devices and their power backups are less portable than a solid laptop. The cellphone is the weakest link in this argument, but I spend very little time on the road, anyway. But I’m definitely a candidate for one of those laptops with a “fastboot” feature that lets you browse the net and send email without loading the full operating system.

    OT, but regarding your AMC column title – for some reason the farcical side of my brain insists that you are calling yourself a monolith. And you’re not even shaped like an obelisk, let alone a rectangular parallelopiped. For some reason my brain doesn’t quite scan this the same way as other “Notes from…” column titles. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.

  7. I was wondering about that. You seem to be pretty happy with the new Storm, but the subset of users who read & respond to Pouge were really negative on it.

    Did somebody drink some Kool-Aid somewhere, or it this just different strokes for different folks?

  8. Brendan:

    I really think it’s a matter of having particular expectations based on owning previous BlackBerrys and/or other smartphones. I don’t have those so they’re not part of my equation. Also, I suspect I’m slightly more tolerant of the Storm’s initial buggy-ness, because I know a fix is coming relatively quickly.

  9. The key difference between the iPhone and the Storm seems to be developer reaction: there’s a huge (and growing) market for custom iPhone apps, and nothign comparable for any Blackberry.

    And since I use custom iPhone apps more than I even use it to talk on the phone, that’s the deciding factor for me.

  10. Re #15: When I saw that title, I just pictured him sitting on top of the monolith, teasing the monkeys.

  11. Dammit Man!

    I picked up Agent yesterday, and was up until 4AM reading it. You and your well written and entertaining books are costing me sleep.

  12. Tsk tsk tsk, why didn’t you just get an iphone? its superior in every way (not least of all that apple actually acknowledges when they screw up and try to fix it!). The blackberry platform is not conducive to media or touchscreen, as it is a business phone, and I agree with jemaleddin in that the market for 3rd party apps, which vastly increase the functionality of the device, is much better in both supply and demand, on the iphone. Not to mention that the platform is much more expandable as far as software updates go.

    and google voice searching just kicks so much ass.

  13. Gabe R:

    “Tsk tsk tsk, why didn’t you just get an iphone?”


    a) I didn’t want one, partly because I find iPhone smuggery annoying as shit;

    b) Even if I wanted one, iPhones aren’t available on Verizon, which is the wireless carrier I’m on, in part because AT&T’s coverage up where I live sucks dong.

    As for the BlackBerry not being conducive to touchscreen: Well, unlike you, apparently, I actually have one, and I think it’s perfectly conducive so far. Likewise, I’ve had no real problems running media, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about — indeed, since I subscribe to Rhapsody, this phone is especially useful, since it can accommodate my Rhapsody subscription tracks and an iPhone can’t (this being another reason I wanted a Storm over an iPhone).

    Which is to say your tsk-tskery leaves me curiously unmoved.

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