Back at the Day of the Dead, I mused that it was cool to have some candy skulls, so my excellent friend Meeka went ahead and sent some along, because she’s cool like that. But it took until today for us to actually get around to painting them up. Athena’s is the one on the right; the one on the left is made by a friend of hers who is visiting. Not too bad for a first try.


The Most Depressing Blog in the World

It’s the AOL People Connection Blog, because nearly every single post is about some AOL community project or another being shuttered. CircaVie? Gone. Ficlets? Gone. AOL Pictures? AOL Hometown? AOL Journals? Gone, gone, baby, gone. I worked on several of these projects in their various incarnations, and I have to say it’s just a little sad to watch AOL slowly dismantle itself like this.

As depressing as it is to read it, it must be worse to have to write it, since every post announcing the dissolution of yet another AOL project has a trail of sad, wee comments, in which the users of the projects lament their passing. Really, if I were writing this blog, I’d be ending each day with a belt of whiskey, because think about it: if your blog is all about turning off the lights on various AOL initiatives, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the blog’s eventually going to end up.

The worst thing is that as they close up shop on the various AOL initiatives, they encourage folks to check out their new social networking stuff… on Bebo.

Oh, AOL. You were so beautiful, once. I will try to remember you as you were.

In the meantime, a song, appropriate for the moment, and for AOL’s heyday.

[imeem music=”LyJhCKntgI”]

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