Today’s Interesting Conversational Snippet, Presented Largely Context-Free

Me: Are we ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Athena: We definitely need more guns.

What I Did This Afternoon

I signed these:

Which made me quite happy. Thanks to everyone who is ordering books through Jay & Mary’s this holiday season; it’s nice to be able to help out a local bookstore. It’s also nice to get books to all y’all.

I chatted with Jay today about how when people should get their orders in to get them to arrive by Christmas, and I think the best thing to do is make sure your order is in to them by 12/18 (i.e., a week before Christmas). I’ll still be signing after then (I’ll be signing through the end of the year) but if you order after 12/18 you should probably expect that your books will arrive after the 25th. Here’s all the details on that just in case you somehow missed me flogging this before.

Also what I did this afternoon: Saw Ian Randal Strock at Jay & Mary’s and picked up a couple copies of his book The Presidential Book of Lists, one for myself and one for a gift. Because books, you know, they’re the perfect gifts.

Guess the Exit Numbers

The LA Times notes that George Bush is getting a bit of a lame duck bump these days — his approval rating at the moment is 28%, up from a low of 24% — and suggests that our 43rd president’s approval rating may go up even futher in the next six weeks before he heads off to Texas. I can certainly believe it; I mean, now that I know he’s on the way out, he doesn’t cause me nearly as much intestinal distress as he has over the last several years. This is not exactly the same as getting my approval, mind you. But his not actively pinging the disapproval centers of my brain is an uptick.

My question for you to consider this lazy Sunday: What do you think Dubya’s final approval numbers will be? Personally I think he’ll finish up at 34% or so, which is still low enough, and in my opinion better than he deserves. But hey, I can afford to be big about these things. I have only 44 days left with the dude. I can hold my breath until then.

Your thoughts?

Don’t Worry, It’s Not You

One semi-amusing thing that happens whenever I kvetch generally about things people are doing out there that annoy me in one way or another (example: here) is that afterward I will get a batch of e-mail from various people, apologizing. They suspect I was talking about them. To which I usually respond, well, no, I wasn’t talking about you at all, at which point I get a second e-mail apologizing about apologizing in the first e-mail. After which I sometimes send an e-mail telling people to stop apologizing for things which need no apology, the answer to which is very often “you’re right, sorry.”

So, to make things easier on everyone: Unless you’ve heard from me directly about something you’ve done that has offended/annoyed/irritated me, you may assume you are not the proximate cause of my latest gripe in Whatever. As you may imagine, I don’t actually have a problem telling people when I think they’re doing some annoying thing, so if it’s you doing it, be assured I would have let you know personally before I wrote about it in a general way. If I didn’t do so, it’s probably not you who tripped my trigger. Hopefully this will save you some moments of needless self-concern and/or worries I think you’re some kind of jerk. I don’t. I think you’re swell, honest.