What I Did This Afternoon

I signed these:

Which made me quite happy. Thanks to everyone who is ordering books through Jay & Mary’s this holiday season; it’s nice to be able to help out a local bookstore. It’s also nice to get books to all y’all.

I chatted with Jay today about how when people should get their orders in to get them to arrive by Christmas, and I think the best thing to do is make sure your order is in to them by 12/18 (i.e., a week before Christmas). I’ll still be signing after then (I’ll be signing through the end of the year) but if you order after 12/18 you should probably expect that your books will arrive after the 25th. Here’s all the details on that just in case you somehow missed me flogging this before.

Also what I did this afternoon: Saw Ian Randal Strock at Jay & Mary’s and picked up a couple copies of his book The Presidential Book of Lists, one for myself and one for a gift. Because books, you know, they’re the perfect gifts.

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  1. Ah, I need to remember to do that! And while I wait for it to arrive, I can read Hate Mail, which just came in the mail! Now I just need to try very hard to wait for finals to be over so I actually have time to read it.

  2. Since this post is headed by a photo of some books, I thought I’d mention that (unless I’ve just not noticed any) it’s been quite a while since you did a post on your recent haul of books. I just mention it because I often enjoy those posts; sometimes even go out and buy the books.

  3. Ah! one of those might be mine! yay!

    The girl I spoke to at the book store was pleasant, I enjoyed ordering with them. I’ll be honest though, I was somewhat apprehensive about what to get written in it.

    John, do people generally have a normal thing that they ask for in the book? I didn’t have a clue what the tell the poor girl on the phone at the book store, I think we settled on just having you sign your name or something :(

    Yes, I was nervous about ordering a signed book over the phone. How silly is that?

  4. At the coffee shop with my OLPC, typing with one hand.

    I bought no books, but I did just go to Audible for three of your books. Wonder how you do an Audible book signing?

  5. Yes, Thank you again for that. I got my four books last week and now I am (re-) reading OMW aloud to my wife who is enjoying it very much.

  6. :: rubs hands in greedy anticipation :: Excellent! I can’t wait until it arrives. It will be a sci-fi Christmas for my new daughter (and her dad who gets to read her the book).

    Thanks again John for doing this.

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