Zoe’s Tale an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee

This is a nice bit of news: Zoe’s Tale is a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee, in the category of science fiction. This is the third consecutive year I’ve had a book nominated in the category (I was previously nominated for The Android’s Dream and The Last Colony), and you may recall that TLC was last year’s winner in the category. So it’s very cool to have ZT nominated as well.

In addition to Zoe’s Tale, the other nominees in the science fiction category are:

Dust, by Elizabeth Bear

Galaxy Blues, by Allen Steele

Saturn’s Children, by Charles Stross

Half a Crown, by Jo Walton

This is an excellent slate of nominees for the category, if you ask me — one of the great secrets of SF publishing is that Romantic Times reviews a goodly amount of science fiction and fantasy in each issue and the reviewers (mainly Natalie Luhrs for SF) have a solid grip on the genre. So I’m always honored to get on the slate because in my opinion the nominations come from people who really know their stuff.

The Romantic Times also features several fantasy oriented categories, and I’m happy to say that several fantasy authors I know are also nominees this year, including Kage Baker, Jim C. Hines, Michelle Sagara, Sharon Shinn, Brandon Sanderson, T.A. Pratt and Marjorie Liu (nominated twice!). Congratulations and best of luck to them (a couple of the fantasy award category slates are here).

The awards themselves will be announced on April 24 at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in Orlando, which are, alas, inconveniently scheduled against SFWA’s Nebula Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles. Isn’t that always the way. Mind you, it’s not like I’ve ever gotten close to being nominated for a Nebula. And the Romantic Times has made me a nominee three years running. Hmmmm.

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  1. Congratulations! My plan is to reward good behavior to encourage more. Nominating you is good behavior, so you should reward them by attending. Take Wil Wheaton for bonus points.

  2. Just finished Zoe’s Tale while I was on holiday in South Africa. A really great read, and thanks John!

  3. Congratulations!

    I’ll have to get cracking– I’ve only read 20% of the books on the list.

  4. Good choices. I’m torn. I’m also happy to see Bear, Walton and Stross make the short list, as I’ve read all of them.

    Romance wise, Saturn’s Children wins, because it’s romantic, if strange and twisted.

    Zoe’s Tale ties with Dust for the SFnal aspect.

    But for pacing and tight plotting, I think I like Half a Crown best.

    Oooh, that’d be a difficult vote to make. Props to the Romantic Times reviewers for picking some real great books.

  5. Do you appreciate this kind of note, or not (q-mark).

    “The awards themselves will be announced on April 24 at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in Orlando, which are, alas, inconveniently scheduled…” — strikes me that it should be “which is” (the convention).

    I do enjoy reading Whatever. Recent convert. Ciao

  6. So should we start telling our friends that you’re a romance writer now? ;-)

    It could get you more sales. I have read that romance readers buy more books than we poof science fiction geeks do.

  7. Congratulations! Old Mans War series is a great read. My question is : next book?….wend/what…

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