Aw, Shucks

The folks at ThinkGeek say nice things about me here.

For the record, I heart ThinkGeek, too. If I ever manage to rouse myself to make my planned BACONCAT™ line of T-shirts and accessories, I know where I want to sell them.

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  1. We call our eldest kitty baconcat anymore. Not because of you, mind, but because if bacon was cooked in the house within the last thirty six hours, she becomes an uncontrollable complainer that she didn’t get any. Or if she did, that there’s none left.

  2. I like how the first question on the ThinkGeek blog about your book(s) is:
    “Yes, but will it run Linux?”

  3. BACONCAT WEAR could be your advertising answer.

    Just think, tee shirts, mugs, messenger bags, shopping bags, book covers, hats………..

  4. Kenshin: I stuck an Ubuntu CD into my copy, and it didn’t appear to boot. Guess I might be using the wrong page, or it was the paperback version of the distro.

  5. ThinkGeek! Now you’ve hit the big time. Hugos and multiple published novels and well-ranked website be damned, ThinkGeek is nerdvana.
    And I’ll take my Bacon-Cat ™ mug with the nice young lady from the convention on it. Better if she can deliver. In costume.

  6. Speaking of bacon-related merchandise, did you manage to snag some of that bacon lip-balm at the Woot-off?

  7. While I will wait somewhat impatiently for bacon cat items, I have to admit that ThinkGeek has some great shirts.

    My personal favorite is a tie between “A day without fusion is like a day without sunshine” and I’m uncertain about quantum mechanics” I just love how these people think.

    Jas @ 2 We have a “tuna Cat” or cheese cat or I want what you’re having cat.

    JJS @ I want the Roger bacon cat shirt too, xxxlt please.

  8. I love the products ThinkGeek has, but every time I go to buy something there I look at the shipping cost and go “nah.” Shipping to Canada sucks.

  9. I need a BaconCat tote bag (i loves me some tote bags), a BaconCat short-sleeved T-shirt, and a BaconCat zip-front machine-embroidered Hoodie, thankyewverymuch.

    Oh – 12. George gave me an add-on to my first order – I MUST have a BrainPal t-shirt, too! (John – i’m not kidding. that is my *first* order, for me. i’m sure to think of items for gifts!)

    I echo 5. Fiona – BACONCAT wear could be your advertising answer. Heck – if you set up a CafePress store with BaconCat and Scalzi-universe related items, it could pay for the hosting on your website. You wouldn’t actually need to do advertising. Or you could have someone set it up & do the design work for you. I have a graphic designer friend who does this. Let me know if you need her contact info. She’s an award-winning graphic designer & lives in SW Ohio. She does free-lance work, and does everything online.

  10. While I heartily agree with the merchandizing suggestions above, it seems like we’re missing the obvious–BaconCat Bacon! Surely, the massive bacon industry is ready to branch out into cat-fur-friendly pork products! In not bacon itself, at least a sponsorship (Endorsed by BaconCat(tm)!)…..

  11. Funnily enough, for that particular book you don’t have to get offline at all, since it was available in ebook format from
    I read it on my mobile phone and it was actually the reason why I started reading this blog.

  12. A BaconCat™ mug would have to be a) shaped like a cat, and b) contain tiny microinfusers full of bacon flavour, so that anything you drank was baconized.

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