Sonic Cruelty Creeps In On Little, Tinkly, Piano-Laden Feet

Click this link for mp3-encoded audio horror.


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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@John H: I can think of few songs with the same amount of “Oh god! Why can’t I stop hearing this song in my head!” than ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, that combined with my not so secret love of Cyndi Lauper made it an excellent place to go.

I’m confused. Maybe this would bother me if I recognized this tune, or could make out the words that the drippy saccharine singer squeaks out in a tiny mouse-voice, barely audible over the heavy-handed arrangement.

So, it’s cheese. Is there something worse than that going on?

“or could make out the words that the drippy saccharine singer squeaks out in a tiny mouse-voice, barely audible over the heavy-handed arrangement”

Exactly. If your’re going to sing, SING! Belt it out like you mean it! Otherwise, stick with the hey, heys and la, las and the instrumentals so that the listener (that’s me) doesn’t have to make strained interpolations and mad guesses at words to figure out what they heck you are going on about!

Unless, of course, you *want* me to concoct some absurd thing involving light-sails and cephalopods from your no doubt touching but poorly enunciated tale of romantic heartbreak.

John H 11: For those who are obviously too young to have ever heard the original version

Hmm, I don’t ordinarily think I’m too young to have heard the original of anything except maybe “Sumer is Icumen In.” Still, thanks for the link; it’s nice to know that the mousy singer on Scalzi’s link wasn’t slaughtering a GOOD song.

Hey, that’s Cat Power covering Space Oddity in that Lincoln commercial. I. Love. Her. So. Diss. Her. Not.

And seriously, one reason I love the Milk commercial that’s been playing constantly here in Toronto is not just that it seems to be a really good movie, but because of the cuts, the shiny, textured blue and white text, Sean Penn’s chewy and delicious New York accent, and the presence of David freakin’ Bowie’s Queen Bitch on the soundtrack.

Y’know, there are things about mixing different musical styles into one.

Like Apopcalyptica using string quartet instruments to play heavy metal music.

Or classical Japanese musicians performing “Smoke on the Water”.

This? This, however, is terrifying.

I’m sorry, but considering the aural torture chamber that is Europe, this version is actually quite pleasant in it’s way…I’m just happy you’ve never had a bad word about Jeff Lynne and E.L.O….then we’ds be fightin!!!!

This prompted me to show my daughter the original video on youtube. She is convinced the lead singer is a girl and is lip-synching. She says –
Why would a guy wear hoop earings?
This is crazy.
I don’t believe it.

May I submit for your listening pleasure, the podcast Coverville. It is free from iTunes, and easy to find elsewhere. It is well, covers! But not just any covers, wonderful covers! Many of the hip bands the above typers refer to like Nouvelle Vague were first introduced to me through Coverville.

A must in your home!


While I’m glad you enjoyed the song enough to share with your readers I would appreciate it if you attributed it to and provided a link so your readers could check out the other covers on my site.

As a writer I’m sure you appreciate the desire to receive credit for one’s creative efforts.

Steve McI

I’m not. Giving you a credit in the entry doesn’t fix the post, it breaks it, since the entire point of the link is that it was a surprise. This is why I obfuscated the link with a tinyurl in the entry (see for yourself). So the post is fine as it is, and I think your comment here in the thread in itself is more than enough provenance.

Bear in mind that in previous entries when I linked to you where surprise was not of the essence, I gave link credit as appropriate, and will of course do so in the future, when dealing with non-surprise-intending links.

Bear in mind also, I think one could make the argument that the people I should primarily be noting for their creative efforts (aside from Europe) are The Social Services, who performed the song.

All that said, Cover Freak is weekly full of tasty, tasty stuff, and I encourage everyone to go there, possibly right this second.

Also: This.

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