Quick Reminder re: Signed, Personalized Books

I’ll be dropping into Jay & Mary’s  Book Center this weekend to do another round of signing, so remember: If you’re thinking of getting books of mine for people you like/love/are in some way obliged to give a gift to, you can get those books signed and personalized by me just by following the steps detailed here. You’ll get service with a smile, since I know Jay & Mary are happy to take your orders, and I’m happy to sign your books. Really, the book buying experience doesn’t get much better than this.

Quick Music Review: The Killers, Day and Age

The Quick Review: It’s okay. But if Brandon Flowers were any more precious, he’d have to have a tea party with stuffed animals. Also, crafting a whole song out of the question “are we human, or are we dancer?” is the sort of  pretentious nonsensery that even Seven and the Ragged Tiger-era Duran Duran would have paused at. When you’re lyrically out-opaquing Simon LeBon, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Big Shiny Moon

Last night’s full moon was bigger and brighter than most because the moon was actually closer to the Earth than it usually is, thanks to that wacky elliptical orbit it travels in. Last night it was socked in by clouds, but this morning it popped out long enough for me to grab a photo. And then it went behind the clouds again. And then it slid under the curve of the Earth. And now I’m alone. So very alone. But it was pretty while it lasted.