Quick Reminder re: Signed, Personalized Books

I’ll be dropping into Jay & Mary’s  Book Center this weekend to do another round of signing, so remember: If you’re thinking of getting books of mine for people you like/love/are in some way obliged to give a gift to, you can get those books signed and personalized by me just by following the steps detailed here. You’ll get service with a smile, since I know Jay & Mary are happy to take your orders, and I’m happy to sign your books. Really, the book buying experience doesn’t get much better than this.

4 Comments on “Quick Reminder re: Signed, Personalized Books”

  1. Sure doesn’t. Got my book in the mail Tuesday. I wish I had a bookstore that awesome around here.

  2. I’m planning on getting one for my Dad (OMW), but I’m really not sure how to have it personalized… the whole autograph scene seems strange to me.

  3. I know it’s not their fault, but every time I read “Jay & Mary” I can’t keep my mind from conjuring images of bad ’70s singing duos.

    Ok, sorry.

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