Four Links

I’m taking the day off because I have stuff to do. Also things. But mostly stuff. But to keep you occupied, four links:

First, check out Subterranean Online, if you’ve not already done so, because among other things it’s got some rockin’ new work by Cherie Priest, and audio treat by way of Alastair Reynolds, and interview with Campbell Award winner Mary Robinette Kowal, and tons of other stuff that will help you wile away your weekend.

Second, Hugo-nominated screenwriter Paul Cornell (he of Dr. Who fame) asked a bunch of his fellow sf writers, including yours truly, what their favorite Chrismas films were. The answers are here. Just in case you wanted a movie suggestion this evening.

Third, I give my shortest interview ever for Thaumatrope, a magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters, available via Twitter.

Finally, I linked to a file on Cover Freak yesterday without giving due credit, because, see, that would have ruined the surprise. But since I have no surprise to ruin here, so: Cover Freak is your one stop-shop for really interesting cover versions, arranged weekly by theme. Go visit today.

There you go. Have fun, see you all later.

14 Comments on “Four Links”

  1. Yay!! John’s another fan of what is also one of my favorite Christmas movies “Trading Places”!!
    Matter of fact, found my copy last night whilest looking for something else and will be watching it tomorrow evening.

    Buy low, sell high – Fear, that’s the other guy’s problem !

    -Looking good, Billy Ray! -Feeling good, Louis!

  2. Every now and then, when things are quiet and everyone’s sitting around, off in their own little world, I’ll bust out a good “AHHAHAHAHHA!–beef jerky time…”

  3. Thank you for Cover Freak!

    I’ll have to go watch Trading Places again. I remember hating it when I saw it in the theater.

  4. Oh, there’s a Canonical Bacon Page. Okay. I’m not a regular visitor to your site and mostly just remember from reading InstaPundit that you, like all normal red-blooded American men (or men anywhere) love bacon. :)

    I’ll remember next time where to place bacon stuff (once I poke around and find it by the name you gave it).

  5. Cover Freak is indeed interesting, but Coverville (which Steve B mentioned) tends to have consistently GOOD covers. I listen to both, but Coverville is what I listen to when I am in the mood for music as opposed to trainwreck rubbernecking.

  6. are these guys (Subteranean Magazine) open for public submissions? I can’t find anything on their website.

  7. thanks. I’ve got an 11,000 word story and everyone is closed for submissions until further notice. A bit of a bummer.

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