Entering Slow Time

Just a quick head’s up: The end of the year means kids out of school, holidays with family and friends, and for some of us, a deadline or two to be dealt with. So, expect things to be relatively slow here through the end of the year, by which I mean fewer and/or shorter postings daily. Since I expect most of you also have end of the year stuff to deal with, too, I don’t imagine this will be a huge issue.

This is not to say I absolutely won’t go on a tear and write up a whole bunch of 3,000-word posts, because, hey, I might. But if I do, it’ll be a bonus.

Anyway. Slow time on the Whatever begins… now.

18 Comments on “Entering Slow Time”

  1. I hope you realize the risk that you will emerge from your slow time bubble to find that everyone else has evolved into hyperintelligent energy beings and you missed out, right?

  2. Have a good Christmas break. Any chance of some nice snow pictures? It’s the closest I’ll get to a white Christmas – I think it’s about 32° C outside right now (~90° F)

  3. It’s OK. We will get by. We know that the slow time will last until, and only until, you feel a need to procrastinate about something. So we will be patient until that happens.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhkaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    slooooooooooowwwwwww Tiiiimmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee.

    I thought you had to be in microgravity for that.

  5. I think that John is working on an addition to the Scalzi Compound to house the 12 lords and their trampolines, the 11 ladies and the accompanying mirror ball and dance floor, the 10 drummers and their drum sets, etc, etc.

  6. eviljwinter@8, you must be new here.

    Everytime Scalzi announces with great fanfare that he is cutting back on posting (due to whatever ridiculous reasons he thinks are important) he overwhelms teh intertubes with an endless stream of nonsense. What it really means is that we must brace ourselves for even more tripe than usual.

    As for his evil failure to provide adequate Beauteous Ghlaghghee images, luckily we of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club have quite an archive stored.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  7. While I have’t been loitering here for all that long I have noticed that our host likes to post warnings about pending content shortages that rarely come to pass. I noticed in this particular content shortage warning that he included a big ‘ol disclaimer. Here’s the short version, I won’t be posting much unless I post more.
    Not that I mind. I mean it is free Scalzi, it’s all bonus. Besides I suspect there’s a symbiotic’ish relationship here. John likes to post and we like to read and sometimes comment on his posts.

  8. Mmmmmm – slow time – I loves it . . . After all it usually means that our host’s online writing doubles, at least . . .

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