Detroit newspapers no longer to have daily delivery. Because nothing makes people want to subscribe to a newspaper more than the idea that not even the people at the paper think what they’ve got to sell is worth reading on a daily basis.

At the very least, if the two newspapers in the city are going to decide not to deliver daily, couldn’t they have decided to deliver every other day, and have one paper deliver on the day the other doesn’t?

Gaaaah. So stupid. Newspapers used to be where smart people worked. I wonder what happened to that.

Today’s Context-Free Quote Up For General Discussion

It is:

“You know, with people, there’s a really fine line between ‘interesting’ and ‘damaged.'”


Yar! This Be An Open Pimp Thread, Arrrrgh

Jeff VanderMeer sends along to me a video promoting his ginchy new pirate anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails, featuring contributions by Naomi Novik, Garth Nix, Elizabeth Bear and tons of other writers you know you like even if you haven’t read them yet, and I thought, well, what better way to introduce an Open Pimp thread, for people to promote their work and the work of others, right before Christmas?

So: If ye be having a project of interest, or have the knowin’ of such a project, put it into the comment thread below, so others here can be findin’ out about it, arrrrrr. As usual (and to break from the pirate speak, arrr), feel free to put in links, but remember more than three links in a post will punt the comment into the moderation queue. Don’t panic if that happens; I’ll be going through to free comments on a regular basis.

Now, avast! Ye scurvy dogs! Be ye now promoting yersselfs and others! Yaaaaaargh!