Yar! This Be An Open Pimp Thread, Arrrrgh

Jeff VanderMeer sends along to me a video promoting his ginchy new pirate anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails, featuring contributions by Naomi Novik, Garth Nix, Elizabeth Bear and tons of other writers you know you like even if you haven’t read them yet, and I thought, well, what better way to introduce an Open Pimp thread, for people to promote their work and the work of others, right before Christmas?

So: If ye be having a project of interest, or have the knowin’ of such a project, put it into the comment thread below, so others here can be findin’ out about it, arrrrrr. As usual (and to break from the pirate speak, arrr), feel free to put in links, but remember more than three links in a post will punt the comment into the moderation queue. Don’t panic if that happens; I’ll be going through to free comments on a regular basis.

Now, avast! Ye scurvy dogs! Be ye now promoting yersselfs and others! Yaaaaaargh!

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  1. Last January, Missouri was granted its first official Poet Laureate. At the inaugural celebration, Walter Bargen read a new poem for the occasion, a poem which spoke to Missouri and dreamers and possibilities, called Moonwalk Missouri.

    The Missouri Center for the Book has produced a fine letterpress broadsheet. It is now available. Go to


    and click on the Walter Bargen link on the left side. There you will see at the top two versions.

    The money will go to support the Poet Laureate program, which MCB hosts, and will ensure its continuity. It’s a little late in the season, perhaps, but these would make good gifts. They were produced by Little Truck Press on a 1960s era Vandercook SP15 Letterpress, using an essentially obsolete process.

    As president of the Missouri Center for the Book I’d like to add that Walter Bargen has been terrific. We could not have asked for a better poet laureate and as our first one he has been everything we could have hoped for. This has been a great program for the state. Walter has traveled to virtually every corner to date and this has only been the first year of a two-year term. These broadsheets are excellent commemorations of what are too-rare instances of “official” support for the arts, especially the literary arts.

    In any event, I wanted to let everyone know that these are available.

  2. I am going to pimp my employer, UCP of Berkshire County, cus we need donations. Feel good about yourself, send us money.

    We need money for:

    Loaner computers. We buy pallets at a time which we clean up and give out to our disabled clients.

    Fund group activities such as camps and trips to parks.

    Keep the lights on and me employed (really. Don’t make me cry).


  3. Bruce Holland Rogers’s “Reconstruction Work” at Flash Fiction Online won the first annual Micro Award. Bruce has been unbelievable to work with, and continues to write a column for us called “Short-short sighted” about writing the short-short story.

    The ‘zine is still cooking along. We’re publishing a Mike Resnick story in January, and we’re working on getting SFWA recognition as a pro market — the criteria have been met, so hopefully that’s just a formality. (And if you ever need 50 bucks, John, drop me a line and a thousand-word story and it’s yours… :) )

  4. I am promoting Global Warming. Because I HATE driving to in snow. And it doesn’t help that my job is against the flipping mountain so I have to drive up to it to get into the @#$@#$ parking lot. Oh and sliding sideways once I get in the @#$@#$ parking lot.

    So yes to global warming. So I don’t kill myself driving!

    California Boy doesn’t belong in Utah driving in snow. Or going to Wyoming next week for the holidays. I gots a death wish.

    Ok snow rant over. (for now)

  5. Check out the The Lost Fleet Series starting with Dauntless by Jack Campbell!

    I found it as a recommendation from Amazon while buying one of John’s books. It’s been a great way to pass the time while I wait for the next Scalzi classic. (too subtle?)

    Really, it’s a great read.

  6. I hate it when there’s a pimp thread and I don’t have anything to pimp. ::pout::

    Hey, go visit my blog! (I might even put something new on it today.)

  7. I’d like to pimp my wife… hmm that doesn’t sound quite right. I’d like to take this opportunity to promote the vlog/blog/video show of my wife, Mutha Mae (http://www.muthamae.com). Advice, empathy, and general momness. Plus she’s working on getting a television show production deal from it, so if you know any network execs that’d be great. Thanks!

  8. I’d like to pimp the magazine I put out with my friend Rob. It’s called Swill and it hovers uncomfortably between neo-pulp and literary fiction. Here’s the address if you want a peek —


    While our circulation is tiny we’ve had some surprising readers — Swill is part of the University of Wisconsin at Madison permanent collection, someone at the Columbia School of Writing recently wrote a report on Swill, and Ellen Datlow asked to be on our comp list at Harlan Ellison’s suggestion. (Man, I hope I didn’t just commit some gross breach of etiquette with that last one — but it’s true!)

    (And if you’re interested in fine art, writing, pulp fiction, paleontology, and the struggle to make the shift from creative hobbyist to working professional you might want to take a peek at my blog — just click on my name up above.)

    By the way, Mr. Scalzi — thanks for alerting us to Thaumatrope. I’ve placed three pieces with them and am thusly thrilled.


  9. I’m reading this novel called Zorgamazoo which is written entirely in rhyming couplets, and it is blowing my mind. I’ve got nothing to do with it, but I thought I should share the blowingness, because it’s quite something: http://www.amazon.com/Zorgamazoo-Robert-Paul-Weston/dp/1595141995

    And since I am going out into ~5cm of snow this afternoon in a city unaccustomed to white stuff (thus putting my life in danger) I will also point folks to my most recent book (entirely free, look for the link), if only so you have something to remember me by: http://books.1889.ca/dark_red_lacquer

  10. I’m in the middle of, and really enjoying, The United States of Atlantis, by Harry Turtledove. It’s the second book in a series, so I’d recommend reading the first one through before starting the second one. The premise is a little far-out as alt-history goes: What if continental drift happened differently, and the east coast of the US was an island continent between Europe and the rest of mainland North America? It’s interesting to see how the timeline diverges.

    Also, my friend Michael Burstein’s anthology “I Remember The Future,” containing many of his Hugo and Nebula nominated short stories is still available from Apex publishing or http://www.bursteinbooks.com

  11. A few of us “soon to be published” writers have started a blog to help ourselves and others sharing what we’ve learned so far. We’re calling it Genre Bender and hopefully some other beginning writers might find it useful.

  12. Donate to your local homeless agency if you haven’t already. Also, contact your legislators and demand they step in to help stop foreclosures.

  13. Since it’s the season for promoting good deeds, let me share my 9 year old’s raison d’etre: The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee (www.elephants.com). The Elephant Sanctuary provides a home for elephants who have lived in circuses, zoos and other inappropriate places. It lets the elephants live in a safe environment with social groups that elephants need to thrive. It is not open to the public so that the elephants can live in peace, but you can watch them on webcams. You can sponsor various elephant needs including food and medical supplies.

    Although I sometimes think we should take care of humans first, if one is inclined to help critters, helping elephants is a good way to go.

    And if you want to help humans, don’t forget http://www.heifer.org, http://www.oxfam.org, or any number of local charities in your area.

  14. I have recently joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, in preparation to run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville Tn, on 25 April 2009. The LLS is a wonderful organization, dedicated to curing leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improving the quality of life for patients and their families.

    In addition to all the running, I am raising money for the LLS. You can check out my donation page/training blog here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/va/cmc09/dbessom

    I have only been on the team for a few weeks, but I have met some great people, many of whom are cancer survivors, themselves, who would not be here if not for the efforts of the LLS. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet these people, and to make a difference in the lives of those battling blood cancers.

    Please take a minute, visit my page, and make a (100% tax-deductible) donation. Then, send me an email and offer some words of encouragement – this is my first marathon!

    Seriously, every single dollar helps!

  15. This is even pirate related!

    Sails of Blood
    The Carribbean: the 1690s
    Jacob van Ritter’s a Vampire Pirate Alchemist.
    Marielle is his girlfriend, the captain of the Damballah. She’s a Zombie.
    The hot chicks with the swords and guns are a kill team of assassin nuns from the combined forces of the Puritan Witchfinders and the Catholic Inquisition.
    He wants the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismestigus, rumored to have surfaced during Morgan’s sack of Panama City.
    She wants to party and kick ass.
    They want him staked, beheaded, and burned. In any order.
    Oh, and van Ritter’s crew are all ritually pierced Mayans high on hallucinogenic toad.

    This is a graphic novel that I wrote. It is being serialized on the web, a page a week, here.

  16. I’d like to pimp how we consume our food and why we should think about where it comes from. Check out “Animal, Vegitable, Miracle A Year of Food Life” by Barbara Kingsolver. If nothing else, try making your own mozzarella.

  17. I’d like to pimp two of my best friends. The first, Jen Segrest, is a graphic designer: http://www.verybigdesign.com She also sells Bottlecap (and larger) Pincushions on Etsy as verybigjen, and her Etsy store is Schmaltzy Craftsy.

    She is currently working with ArtFire.com to redesign their website, and lists her pincushions there, too.

    The second is Ginny Beatty. Ginny is a technical writer with decades of experience who just lost her job (Merry Christmas!) due to the downturn in the economy. Guess her company wants the programmers to write the manuals… (that’ll never work) Contact her at mizginny@yahoo.com if you might have, or know of, work for her.

    ANYWAY, if you want a great programmer or technical writer, these two ladies can get ‘er done!

  18. Kaleidotrope, a twice-yearly zine of (mostly) fantasy and science fiction, and a great holiday present or anyone eager to support an independent zine and its terrific writers! Subscribe between now and December 31 to take advantage of our lower costs! Issue #5 is currently available, and submissions are always welcome! Visit us online for more details.

  19. Personal collaborative project:

    Fantasy/D&D-based fiction story a friend and I are collaboratively writing. It’s written as short stories in episodic format, with each story representing an “episode” as if the story were a TV series. We have over 15 stories up already, and more are coming in January.


  20. (Hoping this isn’t a double-post – page kinda hung when I submitted the first one…)

    I participated in (and won!) this year’s NaNoWriMo. While I got to the 50k threshold, the story was not quite complete, and I’m currently working on finishing it. When it’s done – I’m hoping by the first of the year – I’m going to serialize the rough edit online, as I’d like to get a few eyeballs on it but don’t think it’s particularly sale-worthy, at least in its current incarnation.

    The working title is “To Enter Into These Bonds Is To Be Free”. It’s traditional fantasy, told from two points of view: a soldier leading a team of raiders to kidnap a young girl, a princess, thought to be The Promise; and a young queen, the girl’s mother, who will do anything within her power (and some that aren’t) to save her child.

    If that sounds kinda cool to you, keep an eye out at my blog (Notes from Limboland) for the serialization announcement in the new year.

    Also at the blog: the ever-popular Friday Random Ten, where yours truly spills the embarrassment that is his music collection, in shuffled list form. C’mon, you know you want to.

  21. The clockpunk RPG world just increased its number of cool settings by one, with the release of the Gazetteer of Zobeck.

    It’s a clockwork magic, kobolds, and automatons in a fantasy steampunk setting, with influences from on Eastern and Central Europe.

    Pretty damn niche stuff, and yet the rave reviews keep hitting, so I musta done something right. If you play D&D or any fantasy RPG, it’s loaded with great ideas, spells, and monsters.

  22. Well, since we’ve got an open pimp thread, I’d like to point out that we’ve got a bid going to bring the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2010. A NASFiC only occurs when the Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention) is held outside of North America. Since the 2010 Worldcon will be in Australia, there’s an opportunity for a NASFiC. The site selection vote for the 2010 NASFiC will be held at the 2009 Worldcon, Anticipation (http://www.anticipationsf.ca/) and will be a separate vote from the 2011 Worldcon’s site selection (there are two active bids for that — Reno and Seattle). You need to be a member (either Supporting or Attending) of Anticipation to vote in the site selection.

    Now, here’s what we’re asking of you:
    – Join Anticipation, and vote for us in the NASFiC site selection. This vote involves a small fee, which covers part of your cost for a membership in the winning convention (to be precise, it gets you a Supporting Membership), and due to the rules of Worldcon is the cheapest way to attend a Worldcon or NASFiC.
    – Become a Pre-supporter of the Raleigh in 2010 bid. This means giving us money, because we’re trying to do things like come to conventions all over the place to promote our bid. And by “promote our bid”, I mean we throw parties. To make it extra conventient, we’ve set up our website so that you can do this by Paypal.
    – Visit our website for updates on the bid.

    That website, in case you’re wondering, is http://www.raleighnasfic2010.org

    Now, why would we want a NASFiC in Raleigh? Well, for one, it’s an opportunity to bring a bigger convention to town than we’d normally see. Raleigh does not yet and may never have enough hotel rooms for a Worldcon, so this is the biggest thing we’ll be able to do. We do, however, have a brand spanking new convention center, some nice hotels next to it, and a newly revamped downtown with tons of places to eat. Our airport’s pretty good, with reasonably priced flights from most of the major cities in the country. We’ve also rallied support from across the South behind the bid, and hope to use the NASFiC as the first step in reconnecting Southern Fandom with Worldcon. So if any of that sounds good to you, please come check us out.

  23. There are two books by Karen Rose that are coming out early next year. The first, SCREAM FOR ME, is the paperback edition of the second book in her “FOR ME” trilogy. Reading them in order helps, but is not required. It comes out in January.

    The third book, KILL FOR ME, comes out in hardcover in February, so you won’t have to wait a long time for the conclusion.

    Exciting reads for cold winter nights. Just remember to keep the lights on; her books are scary.

  24. In 2009, a young woman will attempt to replicate Alice Ramsey’s New York to San Francisco car trip in the same model car that Ramsey used one hundred years ago — a 1909 Maxwell.

    From the site: “. . . if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in helping us expand our website we are trying to expand it into a place where people can see daily video updates, add/post comments and photos if they see Emily and the team driving on the road, filling up with gas…and generally creating a participatory place for the celebration to continue well after we have motored through! Please contact media@aliceramsey.org with your name, contact information and a little web background and let’s chat!” [http://aliceramsey.org/2008/11/museums-and-other-sponsors/]

  25. Thanks again for the open pimpage thread, John!

    This time around, I present the latest book from Scott Sigler, “Contagious.”

    Earlier this year, Sigler made publishing history when he parlayed being the most successful podcast author into a three book deal with Crown Publishing (Random House) and released the hardcover edition of “Infected.”

    On December 30, the follow-up, “Contagious,” hits bookstores.

    What’s it about?

    “Contagious” follows a secret team across the United States as they track a pathogen that turns its victims into raging homicidal psychopaths. When the infected turn contagious and the pathogen reveals signs of being directed by a malevolent intelligence, a mission of containment becomes a race against the clock to save humanity.

    Scott’s writing is science-based, visceral, funny, personal and scary as hell. Think a Stephen King / Michael Crichton mashup.

    He’s also a cross-media trailblazer, and the promotion for this book includes not only a free podcast edition, but also PDF files released in tandem with the podcast and including every word of the finished book. Right now, there’s a poster campaign running, too — download print-quality posters from a number of different blogs and websites and when you’ve collected them all, see the composite image they create.

    Dig it!

    Scott Sigler:

    Pre-Order Contagious:

    Subscribe for Free to the Podcast:

    The Poster Campaign:

  26. By the end of December, my first commercial women’s fiction novel, “Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo”, will be available for free download from my web site (PDF and MobiPocket formats). Query letters for this book have been all over the Internet (Miss Snark, Nathan Bransford, Evil Editor, etc.), so if you’ve seen them and wondered about the book, here’s your chance.

    The link on my name will take you to my blog, where I will of course be announcing the book’s release once I have it ready to go.

    Thanks, John, for the pimping opportunity!

  27. I’d like to pimp my friend Jon’s collection of Jeremy strips over at Lulu.

    This is Jeremy, just turned nine, youngest son of Frankenstein… Here it is, the complete strip collection of Jeremy: Just Turned Nine, collecting 170 original strips, plus short stories and assorted sketches!

    This book is great fun, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

  28. Drollerie Press, the publisher of my soon-to-be-published ebook Faerie Blood, is having a live chat on Thursday, December 18th to promote current and forthcoming works for the press. Goodies will be handed out. My compatriots David Sklar (author of Shadow of the Antlered Bird) and Sarah Avery (author of Closing Arguments and the soon-to-come Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply) will be participating, too. Come by and say hi. They’re cool people. :)

    Watch the Drollerie Press blog for details. There’s a chat room link on the sidebar which will be activated when it’s time for the chat.

  29. In the ranks of “doing a mountain of good with a molehill of money”, may I suggest microfinance in general and kiva.org in particular? Microfinance is a sort of charitable moneylending: if it costs $x for a person to open up a small business, where X is way too much for a person scraping by on $y (where y << x) per week to save up and way too small for said person to get traditional financing for (if they even can, given that they make $y a week)… then microfinance steps in, with loans of a few dollars all the way up to a kilobuck or so. You don’t have to bankroll the whole thing; you can kick in as little as $25.

    I have seen firsthand the difference that microfinance makes. Forget your money being poured into various corrupt layers of government–actual people get it, and use it to actually better their lives.

    Also, it’s just plain fun to keep track of. Check out my continent-spanning business empire at http://www.kiva.org/lender/nnicole .

  30. I’d like to promote the SF/F convention my local SF club, the Washington (DC) Science Fiction Association (WSFA) runs:

    Capclave will be held October 16-18, 2009 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD (right next to the Twinbrook metro stop on the red line).

    The guests of honor are Harry Turtledove and Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams.

    Capvlave features a full day of workshops on writing, reviewing, getting an agent, running a writers group, contracts and publicity. We also have the usual con suite, panels, dealers room and room parties.

    In addition to open filk on Friday and Saturday nights, Rob Balder will performing.

    All this for the low rate of $35 through the end of this month, $45 January through June, $55 July through September and $60 thereafter and at the door.

    For more information go to http://www.capclave.org

  31. http://lutherlevy.com/ <– Family Man (Der Familienvater) by Dylan Meconis is a webcomic about a hapless young man named Luther Levy who gets a job lecturing in theology at the University of Familienwald, Germany. The only problems are that the University is struggling with its finances, Levy is struggling with his God, and it’s the middle of the eighteenth century. The art, the characters, and the historical detail will suck you in.

    I am, unfortunately, entirely unrelated to it.

    http://www.platinumgrit.com/ <– Platinum Grit is another webcomic about a hapless young man, Jeremy MacConnor, who has the misfortune to inherit a castle in the Scottish Highlands – and its attendant supernatural troubles, including but not limited to immortal Mad Cousin Dougall, Jenny Greenteeth, and of course the ever-problematic matter of the succession …

    I am also entirely unrelated to this one. But by god Trudy Cooper has a dab hand at the nuances of facial expressions.

  32. In 2004-06 I worked with several writers on a new edition of the PARANOIA tabletop roleplaying game, and now we’re working together again on a new humor site, Ninjalistics, your leading provider of ISO 9000-compliant corporate espionage and assassination services:


  33. I’ll pimp the blog I started writing for recently: http://www.superfani.com

    There are four of us writing, and we’re all applying different theoretical stuff to things that aren’t talked about so much, like (mostly) anime — though Pontifus and I talk about video games as well. Working on Superfani.com and going back and forth with Pontifus inspired my term paper about the Gothic tradition in survival horror video games, which is now my writing sample to Ph.D programs. It helped me decide to go in as a popular literature student, because in the end that’s what I want to write about (this doesn’t exclude people like Shakespeare, mind).

    You know you want to check it out: when people talk about Barthes, tentacle monsters, Derrida, and video games in the same place, you know it’s fun.

  34. As I am doing nothing useful these days besides trying to keep my head down and make text books, I would like to show off Ohio jewelry designer Brooke Medlin, who makes stupidly gorgeous things with a clear and compelling aesthetic.

    Her stuff is always a hit for birthdays and holidays (hint, hint!) Also, dudes look sexy in hammered silver. Just sayin.

    For the sfnal in your life, may I recommend the Constellation earrings? Or the post-apocalyptic Canyon ring?

    Gemmafactrix on Etsy

  35. I perform ambient/industrial soundscapes. My friend Brian who runs Silber Media asked me to contribute to this year’s instance of his biennial seasonal music compilation.

    The 2008 installment of our Christmas compilation series features 26 tracks of norwegian folk, indie ambient, shoegaze, aggressive ambient, & electroacoustics. Strangely enough there seem to be somewhere around zero covers of traditional Christmas tunes this time out.

    The entire album is available for free download on archive.org.

    My piece “Sleighride” was created with Chapman Stick, E-Bows, capos, Moog MF-104 analog delay, Boss RC-20 & RC-20XL, Digitech Jamman, then processed through Sound Soap and Audacity.

    (Unrelated to me personally, many other albums are available for free download on the Silber downloads page.)

    I hope you enjoy these.

  36. *Deep breath*

    Okay… open pimp. I’m trying to repatriate to America, finding a job in film or TV as an animator. I’m blogging the process of putting my demo reel together over at:


    I’ll be flying into LA in mid-january on the last of my savings, chasing the biggest of my dreams. Any sci-fi studio guys out there reading this – pimp, pimp, pimpy pimp pimp pimp pimp.

  37. I’d like to pimp Carlton Mellick III’s “Candy-Coated”, recently published in Vice. It’s also on-line for your reading or listening pleasure.

    A clip: Knob Tyler thinks he’s the strongest, toughest, most badass motherfucker on Mill Avenue. Unfortunately, Knob has a lollipop for a head. This makes him not quite as badass as he thinks he is.

  38. I’d like to pimp my web site: http://www.WorldsWithoutEnd.com.

    WWEnd is a SF/F literature website that covers 10 major genre awards for best novel. You can compare all the award winners and nominees for Hugo, Nebula, Campbell and 7 others, read synopsis and excerpts for over 1,200 novels, author bios, publisher histories and more.

    The site is customizable so you can track the books you’ve read, want to read and your favorites. Ever wonder how many of the Hugo Award winners you’ve read? How about Nebula? If you’re looking for a great read WWEnd is the place to start. I hope you’ll check us out!

  39. well, this is the same thing i pimped last time, but in my defense, i was aaaalllllll the way at the end of last thread, & it has taken amazon this long to acknowledge they have my book in stock: jobnik!

    jobnik! is the mostly-autobiographical tale (in graphic novel form) of a young, introverted american-jewish girl who impulsively enlists with the israeli army a month before the second intifada begins in 2000.

    sex! language! newscasts! woo!

  40. I would like to pimp the Sony eReader, an electronic book, that I got last spring and am totally crazy about…

    there is nothing better than sitting in front of the TV watching the Daily Show, enjoying the interview with the author or novelist, firing up the computer and buying the book.
    Or seeing a picture on the news of Obama holding a book and going immediately to buy it to see what it is.
    (The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria, BTW)

    I have no reason to wireless the newspapers and magazines that a kindle can, I am fine with the Sony book.

  41. I shall pimp the graphic story HERO, by Hwei Lin Lim – it’s the one that I’m pretending is my website, so I don’t even have to fuss with HTML to neaten things up; y’all can just click on my name.

  42. Since this is an open pimp thread, I’d like to pimp myself out. My mys[pace page is http://www.myspace.com/wyjoe . I occasionally blog there, but recently I’ve been playing some online strategy games like OutWorld and Heroes. I’m approaching 400 members. If you Add, tell me where you saw the link. Thanks to all here who have already Added me.

  43. Currently I have an advent calendar thing going on, where I dug up all the online (free or pay) SF/F holiday fiction I could get my hands on. Although I focus on the Kindle, to tell the truth it’s become more or less a free fiction online bonanza.

    If it’s not small ebooks or little chunks of free stories that are your fancy, there’s always the gigantic ebook and huge free story of Journey to the West, adapted from a Creative Commons work with the appropriate license that allows one to remix. Two versions, Mobipocket for the Kindle, and ePub for Sony reader (and of course, anything that can read Mobipocket or ePub).

  44. I just wanted to point out that frequent Whatever commenter Shawn Powers is selling Hot Blogger 2009 calendars at his blog, where he stars as Mr. November. If he sells enough of them, he’s offered to a) donate his share of the proceeds to Heifer International, and b) make a video for us wherein he dances like a cow. I think we need to see this, so everyone should go there and buy a calendar. :D

  45. I just posted the first four chapters of my novel THE KINSHIP on Authonomy, a social networking web site for readers, writers, and Harper Collins editors. The Top Five books will be reviewed by Harper Collins editors and a select few will be offered publishing contracts. Three contracts have already been offered.

    Check out my book here and if you like, please vote for me by clicking on “back the book.”

  46. Hello!

    Xmas holidays are coming soon!
    Lets discuss please :
    What would be the good gift for guy for these holidays?

    I’m totally out of any ideas,tired thinking and i need help!

    Im 19F, he is 20

    Thanks all
    for your
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