As a Matter of Fact

Yes, I have seen today’s Penny Arcade. No need to send any more e-mail about it. I mean, as if I don’t read PA.

I’ve seen today’s Heretical Ideas, too. Apparently it’s a good day to be book-checked.

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  1. maybe they are hoping to do another cover. i can’t think of a better place for that book to show up – any gamer kids who haven’t heard of it will have now.

  2. Stoolpigeon:

    I suspect that with their own books, very successful merchandising line and massively popular video game conventions, they don’t actually need me to throw work their way. But yes, it’s a very nice shoutout.

  3. bbeck310 – I used to be a scholastic chess champion. 3rd in the nation for 6th graders in 1994. Ohio State elementary school champion in 1995, junior high champion in 1997, and high school champion in 1998. Then, I plateaued at 1900, discovered debate, and stopped playing, except for an occasional tournament or two in college. My rating dropped to 1774. At the age of 29, I rediscovered the game, and started this blog about my two chess goals: reaching the Master title as a player, and becoming a major tournament director and organizer.

    While we’re on the topic of Penny Arcade, I noticed that you thanked Gabe and Tycho (by their actual names) in the foreword to the new paperback version of Agent to the Stars. Out of curiosity, what did they do for you?

  4. I actually thought to check here before dropping you email about it, so woo.

    I held my breath and jumped into the forums to see if anyone was discussing Zoe’s Tale being in the comic. Mostly it had turned into World War Z: Awesome or Dreck, along with discussions of how Gabe had drawn his wife.

  5. I still prefer the PA cover — it’s a bit more in tune with the book, IMO.

    Also, how do you feel having TAD compared to Friday and The Stars My Destination?

  6. Man, I saw Penny Arcade in Google Reader, got all ready to email you, and then saw your post in Reader. Way to beat me to the punch. Off-topic I have been not-so-subtly hinting to relatives that autographed Scalzi novels are a worthy gift item.

  7. John:

    How often does it actually occur that you haven’t seen something on the net related to you before millions of people send you an e-mail about it?

  8. Well, in fact, I hadn’t seen this yet before someone e-mailed me about it. But between the time the first e-mail came in and I posted about having seen it, I got seven more e-mails about it. I posted basically to save everyone else the effort.

  9. Yeah, well, I saw the comic, and it popped into my head: “Scalzi knows.” I guess my subconscious considers John Scalzi to be the Shadow of the Internet. And yes, “Shadow of the Internet” should be a book title. And no, I don’t care if it makes people think of crappy Orson Scott Card sequels.

  10. Was nice to see the shout-out to James P. Hogan’s The Proteus Operation over at Heretical Ideas. I read that for the first time about fifteen years ago, and it’s really good stuff.

  11. I felt “Doh!” on reading the post, since I was one of the senders of a “Hey John, Lookoverthere!” email.

    But then I read the “Well, in fact, I hadn’t seen this yet before someone e-mailed me about it.” line. Now I gotta know, was it me? Was it?? Huh? Me?? :D

  12. Take out the World War Z and that actually is what I’ll be taking with my Christmas Day to my girlfriend’s parents place…

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