Last Bit of Self-Pimpery For the Season

We’re now getting to the point where if you want to take advantage of my offer to sign and personalize books for you through my local bookseller, and have them get to you near the actual Christmas holiday, you need to put those orders in, oh, now (i.e., today and tomorrow). I’ll still be signing books after that (through the rest of 2008, in fact), but I expect most people want to time their gifts to the holidays. So: Hurry, time is a-tick, tick, tickin’.

11 Comments on “Last Bit of Self-Pimpery For the Season”

  1. Just wanted to let you know, I just finished reading Agent to the Stars (one of the early limited editions from 2005), and I loved it!

    Oh, lookie, the preview button is back!

  2. Also was looking for a hard back copy of OMW and no such luck. Will have to find on and get it singed in Kansas City, Mo in May.

  3. Hi John,

    I’m delighted to report that my parcel arrived yesterday from John and Mary. It was expertly packed, with a hint of perfume and lipstick on the front (I think Mary seals each one with a kiss – or maybe that was John, I muse broadmindedly). So now I am the proud owner of authentic John Scalzi merchandise and no substitutes will ever fool me in the future.

    You should get a button made up saying something like “I Dispense Authentic Autographs”. Yes sir, wear a button like that to any con and you’re guaranteed to be treated with respect, by gum! People will hop-to-it to fulfill your every whim and desire – or maybe not so much, but at least it should let you cut into long lineups with some impunity.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this and I hope this will become a tradition for each of your new releases. That way, for sure, I’ll have the pleasure of dealing with them again.

    Warmest regards from frigid Canada,

    Jonathan K. Stephens

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