Business Note Re: Anthologies, Part II

Last May, I noted I was suspending participation in original short story anthologies through July 2009, on account of scheduling and other factors. It’s time to update that, and the update is:

Until further notice, I will not be accepting any short story anthology invitations.

There are various reasons for this, but much of it simply comes down to time, as in, I’m already all booked up for 2009, and 2010 is looking to be equally busy. Yes, I am lucky. No reason to push my luck by pissing off anthology editors when I blow past a deadline.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing short fiction in the next couple of years, just that it’s not likely to be in an anthology (aside from fiction I’ve already sold to anthologies). My plan for the next couple of years at least is to write short fiction when the mood strikes me, rather than to a deadline.

I’ve updated my work availablity page to reflect this, but I figured it’d be worth posting a general notice about it as well.


Question for a Saturday

I’m spending the day away from teh Intarnets, but I couldn’t leave you without anything to do, so here’s a holiday-themed question:

When you were a kid, what thing did you really want for Christmas or [insert appropriate seasonal gift giving holiday here] that you never got? And as an adult, did you get it for yourself, just because you could?

Share in the comments, folks.

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