Google the phrase “your writing sucks” and see where it takes you.

Works for “my writing sucks,” too. Or just plain ol’ “writing sucks”.

Quick Music Review: Fall Out Boy, Folie a Deux

The Quick Review: It’s everything I come to Fall Out Boy for, just slightly less, so overall I’ll give it a B-. I find myself noting with a growing alarm that when this generation’s rock bands mature, they get more twee (see as well: The Killers) and I’m not really down with that. That said, FoB is still more clever than stupid, and I’m getting enough of what I want, so I’ll stick around for the next album to see where they’re going with all this.

Winter Where You Are (Unless You’re On the Other Side of the Equator)

The first day of winter here at the Scalzi Compound is bright, sunny, and about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, although with the high, blustery winds at the moment, tell me it actually feels like -12 degrees. Well. Good excuse to stay inside all day, I suppose.

How is winter where you are? Unless, as noted, you’re on the other side of the equator, in which case, how is summer?

Doing it to Myself Before Others Can Do it to Me

Baconized Whatever.

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