Quick Music Review: Fall Out Boy, Folie a Deux

The Quick Review: It’s everything I come to Fall Out Boy for, just slightly less, so overall I’ll give it a B-. I find myself noting with a growing alarm that when this generation’s rock bands mature, they get more twee (see as well: The Killers) and I’m not really down with that. That said, FoB is still more clever than stupid, and I’m getting enough of what I want, so I’ll stick around for the next album to see where they’re going with all this.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I inherited a taste for FOB from my son, who was an early fan even before the last album “Infinity on High” started getting a huge amount of airplay (compared to “From under the Cork Tree” or earlier). I bought Folie a Deux as soon as it came out (I was actually after another CD, but then I saw FaD and snapped that up instead).

I listened to it a few times now, and think its a bit better than IoH, still not as good as “FutCT”. “She’s My Winona” (track 3, although apparently there is a hidden track 1 according to wikipedia) should be the next single. “America’s Suitehearts” – uggh. It’s okay, but I got the limited edition with three different versions of that track so I tired of it pretty quickly.

Getting more twee — yes. Mind you, not as bad as, say, Blink-182’s “Take off your Pants and Jacket”, but some of the tracks seem to have gone into the same “let’s try these other things out”. Nice to see some experimentation with styles, I suppose, but if the next CD has a whole bunch of electronica and reverbed sampling I think I’ll be giving them a miss.

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