Daily Archives: December 22, 2008

Things I Pay For Online

And no, I’m not detailing my online porn addictions to you. What I mean is, what premium services I pay for online. Since so much is available online for free, if one is paying for something online, it’s generally because it offers some genuine value and is worth the price. These are some of the […]

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Welcome Slashdotters

If you’re coming here from the Zoe’s Tale review, the prologue chapter of that book is up for you to read here. Likewise, feel free to graze off the Scalzi Creative Sampler, which features free fiction of various lengths, audio versions of stories, and music. Enjoy.

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Zoe’s Tale Review on Slashdot

Oh, excellent. Just in time for the last-minute “I’m a geek and haven’t gone shopping for the holidays yet, what should I get?” crowd, which, you may be assured, I am certainly a part of. And the review is nice, too: This is a strong entry in a great series that I believe is destined […]

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