I’m Alive

I’m just busy with the real world, and a sick kid. See you later.

14 Comments on “I’m Alive”

  1. Hope Athena feels better soon, dude. And remember, these sick days don’t count against her Christmas vacation!

  2. Feel better, Athena! I hope it’s not your break yet; being sick when school is out is the *worst*.

  3. Oh noes–does she have the puking thing? The kids puking thing is going around Columbus right now! Poor kids! Hope she’s better in time for the big day. Being sick on Christmas suks big time.

  4. Awww. I don’t know what that’s like, first-hand, but I’ve seen what it’s like for parents. Sometimes, I even cared about the kid in question. Gotta suck. Wellness Mojo to Athena.

  5. Nthing the wish that the young lady feels better soon. All the young ladies and gentlemen of my acquaintance are being attacked by viruses at the moment, but I had thought it was localized around here (East Coast of the US).

  6. Yes, my co-worker’s ten-year-old sister went down over the weekend and my nephew came home from to redecorate his bedroom rug.

    My best wishes to all the kids and their sustainers.


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