Zoe’s Tale Review on Slashdot

Oh, excellent. Just in time for the last-minute “I’m a geek and haven’t gone shopping for the holidays yet, what should I get?” crowd, which, you may be assured, I am certainly a part of.

And the review is nice, too:

This is a strong entry in a great series that I believe is destined to be considered a classic. Scalzi’s entry into the field is a welcome treatment of classic themes with a fresh new viewpoint that is smart and entertaining.


If you go over to check out the review, I’d note to you that the comment thread is somewhat spoilery about the series in general.

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  1. Just bought my copy the other day to read while at my parents’ house. I look forward to reading it!

  2. Ha, I just saw that, thought about sending you a note, and then decided that I’d be an utter moron to do so. :)

    The fiancée asked if it was a good review, and I said “of course — it’s a good book.”

  3. I was impressed with John’s welcome message to the Slashdotters. “Hi, thousands of potential new customers! I’m glad to see you! Have a free sample, fresh from the publisher! Have a dozen free samples!”

    This is an example of perfect pitch in action.

  4. Despite XKCD’s graph, you could get better reviews if you:

    (1) put more Cold Fusion, Dyson Spheres, Open Source software, sexbots, String Theory, Quantum Computing, bad puns, and Mars colonies in every chapter;

    (2) be available to answer inane questions with a straight face on scheduled video chats, especially in Second Life;

    (3) Profit!

  5. I was ambivalent about reading “Zoe’s Tale” because I’d read the other books so I knew what was going to happen. And to be completely honest — because I knew it was told through the voice of an adolescent girl, and your writing reminds me so much of Heinlein, and his adolescent girl voices were simply irritating.

    But I bought “Zoe’s Tale” because I’d enjoyed the other books so much. And I’m glad I did. Zoe was delightful and engaging and real. After I finished the book, I was impressed at your skill. I wasn’t impressed while I was reading it because I was so caught up in the story to notice how it was being done – I love when that happens.

    (Greeley does atrocious adolescent girls too. Just thought I’d throw that in.)

  6. Good thing I didn’t read the comments on /. then (no, haven’t bought Zoe’s Tale yet, but it’s likely to happen in the not-too-far future).

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