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Christmas 2008

For those of you who are wondering how it’s going.

Athena reads up on her new Wii games, for her new Wii. Yes, we got a Wii.

But Athena also got a primer on Latin! How many other children can say that? I suspect rather fewer than can say got a Wii. And their loss, I must say.

Ghlaghghee and Lopsided Cat, enjoying their capnip toys. Zeus, who is rather less able to handle his ‘nip, is in the other room, watching the wallpaper move.

Kodi, enjoying her Christmas gift of a juicy bone. Lopsided Cat, you’ll note, knows well enough to stay back during the gnawing portion of the proceedings.

Krissy, showing off the t-shirt I got her. Here’s a clearer picture of what’s on the shirt, and yes, it has more significance to the two of us than just being a clever way of picturing a Cure song; it’s the first song we ever danced to, the first night that we ever met. I bought it about ten seconds after I saw it.

In short, Christmas going fabulously. Hope yours is, too.


My SF Movie Christmas Wish, Plus 2008 AMC Column Index

It’s Thursday, which means even on Christmas I have an AMC column up. This week: My Christmas wish involving science fiction movies. No, it does not include a futuristic space massage from the lady in the artwork above. She kinda scares me. Enjoy, and be sure to leave comments, should you be spending your Christmas cruising this here interweb thingy.

Also, since the above AMC column is my last one of 2008, I thought it would be useful to give you an index of all my AMC science fiction movie columns for the year, just in case you missed one or two along the way and feel the urge to catch up.

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The Best (and Worst) Scifi Movies of the Year

That should keep you busy after all the presents. Merry Christmas.

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