PC Magazine would have to link to Whatever in their piece on their favorite blogs of 2008 while I was taking a two week break, wouldn’t they.

So: If you’re here from PC Magazine, howdy. I’m on a break at the moment, and will be back on January 5th. But, if you want to look around, go right ahead. Here’s my end-of-year “Best of 2008” entry to get you caught up on what I wrote this year, and if you’re interested in my fiction output, here’s a sampler of free fiction for you to try out. The book of collected entries mentioned in the PC Magazine entry, Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, is available on Amazon (as is my novel Old Man’s War, also mentioned).

I’d also note that I’m on that PC Magazine list a second time, as a contributor to the AMC blogs, specifically SciFi Scanner, where I’m a film columnist; a list of my columns for the site is here.


Everyone else: I’m still on break, see you the 5th. I can already tell you I’ll have interesting stuff for you then.

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