On the 2008 Weblog Awards Nomination

Yes, I’m still on break through January 5. But this is worth making a public notation about, so there’s no confusion later.

Whatever has been listed as a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards in the category of “Best Large Blog,” which is defined as a blog with a Technorati “Authority” rating between 301 and 500.

While I am honored to have Whatever listed as a finalist and thank those responsible, Whatever in fact has an Authority rating of 1,210 (as of 2pm 12/31/08), and should therefore be more accurately defined as being in the “Major Blog” category (for blogs with an authority rating of 1,001 or above).

The source of the error, as I see it, comes from the fact that the URL of Whatever changed in October, from “scalzi.com/whatever” to “whatever.scalzi.com.” Whatever has two Technorati listings, one for each URL, and the latter is the one which shows Whatever with the smaller Authority number. However, both listings are actively being polled by Technorati in terms of rank/authority, and the first URL automatically forwards to the second, so the higher Authority listing should be considered as the more accurate one.

Therefore, as a matter of prudence and of fairness to the other excellent blogs that are finalists in the “Best Large Blog” category, I must decline the finalist listing of Whatever in the “Best Large Blog” category of the 2008 Weblog Awards. I will ask the folks running the award to remove Whatever from the category before voting begins on January 5th, and if that is not possible for some reason, I would ask people not to vote for Whatever in this category. If for some reason people were to vote for the blog and it won the category, I would be obliged to decline the award.

Please be aware that my declining finalist status is not a negative commentary on the Weblog Awards, nor am I suggesting that Whatever has been placed in the category for any reason other than wholly innocent and explainable error. And to be very clear, I am not suggesting that Whatever be placed in the “Major Blog” category as a finalist this year (and indeed, would decline such an offer, if made).

Again, my thanks to the Weblog Awards folks for making Whatever a category finalist, even if in error. And best of luck to the legitimate finalists in the “Best Large Blog” category.

Update, 3:54pm: I’ve been withdrawn from the category and replaced by another blog. Thanks to the Weblog Awards folks for their prompt attention.

26 Comments on “On the 2008 Weblog Awards Nomination”

  1. Gah and mea culpa. Sorry about that John, but your post was very gracious. I’m just glad you pointed out my error prior to the polls being posted.

    Whatever the boss decides to do, you’re still one of my favorites, even if I am the consummate lurker.

  2. “No worries, Matt. These things happen.”

    Well, I was infallible up until today, so I guess 2009 is pretty much ruined now.

  3. What an excellent person you are, John. I’ve always thought so, so this is just further evidence, but it bears remarking on.

  4. Humility and honesty in one perfectly formed petite package – gee whiz, if only we weren’t both married.

    Happy New Year from across the pond, you hunk of perfectness.

  5. OK, I can see declining the “wrong category” nomination, but why would you then refuse a nomination in the correct category?

  6. Because there’s no indication that Whatever would have been chosen for the “Major Blog” category, had it been considered in that field. Adding Whatever into the category because it was misplaced elsewhere wouldn’t be fair to the other blogs which were selected according to the rules.

  7. OK, but next year, make sure you’re entered correctly! ;-) And yeah, you’re showing major class here.

  8. The place to note that is there, not here. Also, of course, if it’s not your choice, then don’t vote for that blog. Be that as it may, at the end of the day Whatever was not eligible for that category.

  9. So, is being listed as a “Major Blog” anything like winning a major award? And if so, does it come with a fringed-skirt lamp?

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