Daily Archives: January 5, 2009

And Now, Cats

Because there will be riots otherwise. I will note, however, that these picture were not taken by me, but by my friend Anne KG Murphy, who over the Christmas holidays became one of the few people I know who has actually visited my house. Yes, the Scalzi Compound does exist; it’s not just CGI and […]

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The 2009 Award Pimpage Post

It’s time for my annual unseemly reminder to people thinking about voting for science fiction writing awards that, indeed, I have stuff available for them to nominate. What’s available for consideration this year? I’m glad you asked. The following are listed in the categories for the Hugo Awards: Best Novel Zoe’s Tale Best Novella “Utere […]

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January’s Obligatories, Re: Mail and Whateveresque

About mail: I’ve pretty much answered all the December mail I plan to, so if you sent me something hoping for a reply and didn’t get one, it may have slipped between the cracks (indeed, since I got an unspeakable amount of mail in December, it’s more likely than in most months). Sorry. Feel free […]

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2008, 2009

2008 was a horrible year for most humans, as I understand it, but it was pretty good for me. My family and I were happy and healthy, I won a Hugo and got on the New York Times bestseller list, the guy I voted for got elected president, and for the 39th consecutive year, I […]

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