And Now, Cats

Because there will be riots otherwise. I will note, however, that these picture were not taken by me, but by my friend Anne KG Murphy, who over the Christmas holidays became one of the few people I know who has actually visited my house. Yes, the Scalzi Compound does exist; it’s not just CGI and Photoshop. In any event:

Ghlaghghee, waiting patiently by the bird feeder. Waiting for what, you might ask? I’m certain she’s waiting for her bus. Yes, that’s it exactly.

And here’s Zeus, lying beneath the duck-shaped bath mat in Athena’s bathroom because, well, who the hell knows why. Because he’s a freakadoodle of a cat, really, basically. But as long as he’s happy and not trying to bite my head at 3am, I’m groovy with it.

Anne didn’t manage to document Lopsided Cat, but she did catch Kodi in one of her classic “legs akimbo” poses, so for you Kodi fans out there, here you go:

There, I think we’re pretty much caught up with pets, i.e., the real reason any of you show up here at all.

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  1. And look, the infamous Compound is not so enormous as to be totally invisible from neighbors. ZOMGWTFBBQ!? So many illusions popped . . .

    Also, we have the same bird feeder in our back yard.

  2. “And look, the infamous Compound is not so enormous as to be totally invisible from neighbors.”

    Well, you know. You can see the house from the road. We’re not entirely cut off from civilization.

  3. Kodi’s new bandana is stylin’. Thank you for including him in the menagerie pictures.

    Member in Good Standing, Kodi Appreciation Society

  4. My dog, Tristan, received jaunty bandanas when he visited the vet. Is that where Kodi’s came from?

    We have a freakadoodle cat who likes to get under the covers when you make the bed. He waits until the fitted sheet is on, then lies still in the middle of the bed while you finish making the bed. He doesn’t get under the covers any other time.

    Oh – maybe Zeus was enjoying the temperature dichotomy of the warm bath rug and the cool floor? Maybe?We did have an odd assortment of temperatures over Christmas here in Ohio-land. From freaking cold to 60 degrees in a week! Maybe Zeus wants to be ready for anything!

  5. O Great Murphy, what an excellent picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection as well as a good one of TempCat Zeus.

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club is pleased to see that Worthless and Blacklisted Scalzi has been replaced Her Official Photographer. This event is long overdue.

    Perhaps this Murphy character could replace Scalzi completely and start supplying blog postings as well? We might get more accurate and less foolish descriptions of what She is doing.

    Murphy, one suggestion as you are new at this. Avoid taking pictures of Anteater-Thing. It just riles up the lunatics of the Anteater-Thing Appreciation Society and that – while entertaining – is somewhat cruel and dangerous.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. Hmm- Zeus must be related to my cats. Of course, they tend to spend their time killing the duck bath mat rather than hiding under it, but perhaps his Zeusness is merely resting after a hard-fought battle.

  7. Uh-Oh, now you’ve done it.
    Didn’t you know that the only white people allowed to have a compound are the Kennedys? All other white people with compounds are evil white supremacists and/or religious nut jobs who eventually commit mass suicide.
    When the FBI shows up, please be reasonable and talk to them, thats where the others all went wrong.

  8. Eh. I’ve been calling it the Scalzi Compound for years. If the FBI or ATF was gonna show up, they’d’ve done it by now. Of course, maybe they already have; Zeus is new, after all. He could be a spy.

  9. zeus isnt just a spy zeus is trying to convert the rest of the animals just wait…. you can never be too sure what they are going to do next…. like bake cookies or something…. with walnuts….. of doom….. dooooommmm

  10. Kodi looks like a bear who has lost the bones in its front legs. But cute, very cute, and spiffy in her bandana. Zeus might be under the mat cause he is spying, in his duck disguise. Zeus is not a very good spy. Garglebargle is lovely as always. I’m glad you now understand why we visit your site!

  11. The Scalzi compound isn’t PhotoShop and CGI?

    How do you do the thousands of extras required when you address the crowds from your balcony on May Day and other holidays, then?

    Doing it all as models and stop-action animation would take a lot of time.

  12. Is that a napkin around Kodi’s neck? And if so did you train her to always wear one when it is diner time or is Kodi just that tidy&proper by herself?

  13. Nice pics! Maybe the reason Zeus is under the bath mat is that he is waiting for Kodi to come drink out of the toilet bowl, as I understand she sometimes does, so that he can secretly rekindle their romance without Ghlaghghee finding out.

  14. I find it strangely amusing that Athena and my son have the same taste in bathroom decor. Ours is minus the doggie, but he’s quite fond of the ducky theme. :)

  15. Nice pictures! It is too bad that Lopsided Cat wasn’t responding to the flash. Maybe he feels that each picture steals a small piece of his soul and his is getting a little frayed around the edges.

    Did Ms. Murphy manage to catch Kodi shooting laser beams at the enemies of Scalzi?

    It’s a *good* way to start 2009.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  16. Hi there, I’m relatively new to the Whateververse. Might one inquire from whence comes the name Ghlaghghee? It certainly is singular. Feel free to point me to the appropriate blog entry. Happy New Year, all!

  17. Godfree@26

    It’s phonetic – use ‘gh’ as in tough. Sound it out.

    The Kodi Appreciation Society

  18. I was just thinking that it’s time I redecorate my bathroom. At the moment it’s a cartoon fish motif. Maybe the next theme will be duckies.

  19. We have a freakadoodle cat who likes to get under the covers when you make the bed.

    One of our freakadoodle cats does this too except he doesn’t lurk on the bed as you pile blankets on him. Ours comes bombing in from the hallway to dive under the sheet/blanket, slinks out from under it after it lands on him, goes back out of the room, and repeats the whole process as long as you’re putting on blankets.

  20. Everyone of goodwill who likes great big fuzzy dogs (that can shoot frikkin’ laser beams from her mouth [I used to have the pointer to the post where Mr. Scalzi documents Kodi’s miraculous powers, but a full hour of archive searching can’t find it]) can be a member of the Kodi Appreciation Society. Just decide to be one!

    It’s ok to be a member of the society and still think that all three cats are cute; we are all just more appreciative of the Giant Akita of Protection.

    I think there is a group that advocates for the mysterious Lopsided Cat, but they are much quieter. I don’t believe that Zeus TempCat has his own appreciation society yet.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  21. I know this is echoing other people, but I have the same bathmat… and I’m a 19 y.o. college student :D Different shower curtain. There’s a pub near my university called the Dog & Duck which as a clear toilet seat/lid thingie with duckies embedded in it – at least in the ladies’ room. I really really want one of those seats.

  22. Oh, gosh; an absolutely perfect pictorial representation of the process whereby cats domesticate human beings, and an under stuffed dog in a bandanna.

    I always love it when I get lucky on the random button and hit cats. Also dogs, though I’d be lying if I suggested that I don’t prefer the former…