January’s Obligatories, Re: Mail and Whateveresque

About mail:

I’ve pretty much answered all the December mail I plan to, so if you sent me something hoping for a reply and didn’t get one, it may have slipped between the cracks (indeed, since I got an unspeakable amount of mail in December, it’s more likely than in most months). Sorry. Feel free to send it again.

About Whateveresque:

I’ll open registration for the month tomorrow morning, sometime around 10am eastern, running until around 10pm eastern. Set your alarms now!

1 Comments on “January’s Obligatories, Re: Mail and Whateveresque”

  1. The Happiest of new years to you! Doing things that are only fun sounds like a fabulous idea. Now just to keep telling myself that mundane chores and crazy Girl Scouts are fun. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for some re-programing, Chop Wood carry Water sort of year. Good idea. Love the background and page layout, it is just so calming and seasonal. Thank you for all the sharing and inspirations. I believe it is going to be a spectacular year.

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