Mii, Myself and I

Having now lived with the game system for a couple of weeks now, some thoughts on the Wii:

1. It genuinely disturbs me how much my “mii” (which people here and otherwheres insist I should call “Scalzii”) looks like me. One should not closely resemble a basic polygon map, and that’s all there is to it.

2. I’m embarrassed how much playing Wii Sports actually makes me sweat. It’s not like I’m an over-sweater in a general sense. But five minutes playing tennis, and as Space Ghost would say: “Man. Sweatin’ like a Trekkie.”

3. Wii Sports also makes me intensely competitive, I think largely because I hate to lose to anything that looks like the armless dudes that come in Tonka trucks. When I’m playing the tennis game after a long volley which I finally win, I flip off the computerized opponets during the slow motion replay. Take that, Tonka dude.

4. Speaking of which, that slow motion replay thing makes me feel bad more often than not, because it accentuates when I’m flailing about, really bad. It’s like the computer is saying to you, look, it’s not that I’m judging you. But I think you really need to see yourself in action. Keep it to yourself, HAL.

5. Moving away from the obviously neuroses-inducing Wii Sports, I bought the Wii Internet Channel, which comes with a Web browser, because there’s nothing like crusing the Web on a 56-inch screen and with a game system with 480 lines of vertical resolution. Krissy’s sole response, when I popped up Whatever on the TV was, “Oh, great. Yet another place for you to check your e-mail.” Not everyone is in love with teh Intarweebs. I know! I find it hard to believe myself.


You Are Getting Sleepy; Also Smoky and Tasty

Sent to me by my good friend Mary Robinette Kowal, from the streets of New York City:

Mmmm… the suggestive power of bacon. It compels you. Fortunately, just to eat bacon. And possibly hash browns. Oh, and waffles. And maybe some eggs, too.

Damn it, now I need to go down to the kitchen. Curse you, bacon hypnosis!

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