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Yeah, Like There Will Be Anything Else Going on in San Francisco on a Friday Night

Citizens of San Francisco and the greater “Bay Area”! A reminder to you that in precisely one week, I and the lovely and talented Mary Robinette Kowal will descend upon your town, as if from a cloud of rose petals and gum, and land at Borderlands Books, whereupon those among you lucky and brave enough […]

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The Printed Metatropolis

It’s been a busy day for updates about Metatropolis, and here’s the biggest update of all, which is also one of my big January announcements: I’m pleased to announce that Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders for the printed, hardcover version of the Metatropolis anthology, which will ship this August. It includes all the stories in […]

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Shame On Me

While I was on my two week semi-hiatus, I got a phone call that went like this: Me (picking up the phone): Hello. Some random dude: You should be ashamed of yourself. Me: Well, okay. (Dude hangs up) I thought this phone call was pretty rude, not because this fellow told me I should be […]

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Metatropolis Reviews; Award Pimp Addendum

Two new reviews of Metatropolis in the last week. The first, over at Green Man Review, is ecstatic (“METAtropolis will win a Hugo if there’s any justice in the universe. Yes, it’s that good”); the second, at Strange Horizons, is somewhat more tempered. It’s nice to see people still talking about our little project in […]

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Since at Least One Person Has Asked

The reason I’m not writing much about politics at the moment is mostly because I’ve decided I’m on a politics vacation until the first of two following things occurs: 1. I finish the novella I’m working on; 2. The new guy gets sworn in. Mind you, I reserve the right to change my mind about […]

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